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TikTokers Are Calling This Fluffy Coach Purse “Bag of The Year” on The Viral List

TikTokers are obsessed with this fluffy, Y2K-inspired Coach purse, Avon’s new #LiftLockPop hashtag is getting billions of views on TikTok, Kid Cudi is getting praised for breaking gender norms with his Off-White dress on SNL, and this older Lady Gaga album is back at the top of the music chartsplus more news taking over social media this week!


TikTokers Can’t Get Enough of This Pillowy Coach Bag

TikTok has become a place where some of today’s hottest products go viral, and Coach is the latest brand to experience this with their Pillow Tabby Shoulder Bag. The hashtag #pillowtabby has one million views on TikTok and most of the content features users doing unboxing videos, while others share how many things they can fit inside the spacious, “squishy” bag, or how to style it. The “spring-ready” purse, which is made “from plush Napa leather that’s practically soft enough to sleep on,” has already been dubbed “the bag of the year” by TikTokers like @dailyfashionfinds, whose video about the piece racked up more than 470K views. According to InStyle, the bag channels “the baguette silhouette of Y2K fame” with its “fluffy, cloud-like texture.” Of course, that shouldn’t come as a surprise given that Gen Z is obsessed with everything with a 2000s aesthetic. It comes in multiple colorsand the green and black versions are already sold out on the Coach site. The purse is also J.Lo-approved, and the singer was seen sporting it for the brand’s marketing campaign earlier this year. YPulse’s luxury report found that 65% of 13-39-year-olds believe luxury items are back in style. This isn’t the first time a luxury brand has gone viral on the app: Gucci previously went viral for a #GucciModelChallenge, while others like Prada, Alice + Olivia, Dolce & Gabbana, Tory Burch, Burberry, and Missoni have created accounts on the platform as well. In recent months, high fashion brands have also been trying to make themselves more accessible to young shoppers by getting on video games.

Avon’s Debut Hashtag Is Already Getting Billions of Views on TikTok

Avon is also having a moment this week as they make their debut appearance with the #LiftLockPop hashtag on the popular app. The campaign was created to market their Unlimited Instant Lift Mascara, and they enlisted creators Scarlett Moffatt, Ryley Isaac, Rikki Sandhuu, Elizabeth Wosho, and Damilola Adejonwo—all of whom have thousands and millions of followers—to promote it. The brand created a filter for users to be able to virtually try on the mascara as well as an original song for creators to use in their videos. So far, the hashtag has two billion views. Of course, branded hashtag campaigns aren’t entirely new, but it’s certainly a change for the 135-year-old Avon, who previously relied on a traditional door-to-door sales model, and just began their “digital transformation journey” in the last year. Since the beginning of 2020, they transformed their “Avon ladies” into influencers, and launched a new, in-person beauty studio to attract Gen Z and Millennials. During the pandemic, beauty brands have been finding creative ways to reach young consumers especially as their relationship with makeup continues to changeand this move from Avon just proves how serious they are about reaching a new generation of customers.

SNL Viewers Are Praising Kid Cudi Who Wore an Off-White Floral Dress 

Over the weekend, Kid Cudi was the musical guest for Saturday Night Live, and during his performance of “Tequila Shots,” he wore a green cardigan and white t-shirt with Chris Farley’s face on it as an homage to the late comedian. He followed up with a second performance of his song “Sad People” where he donned a floor-length spaghetti-strapped floral Off-White dress that wowed the audience and viewers. The dress, which is part of an upcoming collaboration with fashion designer Virgil Abloh’s brand, was also a tribute to the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, who wore a dress with a similar pattern. On YouTube, both his performances have garnered more than 500K viewsand fans praised the rapper for shining a light on addiction and depression, both of which affected Farley and Cobain. Kid Cudi has also been vocal about his own mental health struggles in the past. Others applauded him for breaking gender norms with his dress. YPulse’s Genreless Generation trend report found that 49% of 18-33-year-olds say they like fashion that can be worn by either guys or girls. Abloh told GQ: “Gender norms and racial freedoms are amongst the most important things in society that need to be updated. As a fashion designer, moments like this let me know that there is space for intellect and risk for the sake of expanding space. I could care less about the attention. I hope today there’s some kid in middle America that feels empowered by what Cudi used our privilege and platform to do.”

A Petition Has Caused Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP Album To Shoot To the Top of the Music Charts

Lady Gaga is one of Gen Z and Millennials’ favorite artistsand on Tuesday, her 2018 ARTPOP album made its way back to the top of the U.S. iTunes album sales charts, reaching the third spot. Previously, the album received mixed reviews from critics, with some even calling it “a flop,” but her loyal fans (a.k.a “little monsters”) have pointed out how underrated it is. The surge in popularity came after a fan petition calling for the popstar to release the B-sides from her ARTPOP album gained traction on social media. So far, the petition has more than 46K signatures on It’s gotten so much online attention Lady Gaga herself noticed. She initially tweeted that the petition has brought a “tremendous warmth in [her] heart.” She followed up in another once again thanking her “little monsters”garnering 254.2K likes and 30.7K retweets. Spotify replied to her post writing: “Our paws are up and ARTPOP is on repeat all day.” Gaga’s ARTPOP producer DJ White Shadow also responded on Instagram thanking fans and writing that while no promises will be made on whether they would release a sequel to the album, they have “a plan to get together” soon. 

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