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North America
4 Brands Collaborating with ThredUp to Reach Young Thrifty Shoppers
Gen Z and Millennials continue to fuel the secondhand shopping market, and these four b...
Western Europe
WE Winter Holiday Plans Report
The pandemic altered many holiday traditions across Western Europe last year, and this ...
North America
#LubePrimer Is Trending on The Viral List
Weird makeup tricks are circulating TikTok, a viral pug named Noodle can predict if you...
North America
How BIPOC Young Consumers Are Driving the Skincare Trend, In 4 Stats
YPulse’s recent personal care and beauty shopping research shows that young BIPOC consu...
Western Europe
The Top Brands Young Europeans Feel A Community Around
Over a third of young Europeans say they’re part of a brand fandom. Here are the top 15...
North America
Gen Z & Millennials Trust YouTubers More Than Anyone Else
When it comes to the public figures that Gen Z and Millennials trust, one groups beats ...
North America
Winter Holiday Plans Report
After the pandemic altered many holiday traditions last year, young people’s winter hol...
North America
How Gen Z & Millennials Are Fueling The Great Resignation
Yes, The Great Resignation is real. YPulse’s new research looks at how many Gen Z and M...
Western Europe
What Do Young Europeans’ Ideal Homes Include?
The pandemic made young Europeans even more interested in improving their homes. These ...
North America
This Gen Z-Founded Brand Wants to Destigmatize Periods
This brand doesn’t want to only destigmatize periods, but to raise awareness for issues...
Western Europe
WE Holiday Shopping Plans Report
After a holiday season like no other in 2020 (and another rough year in 2021) young Eur...
North America
Coach Was Called Out For Slashing Up Merchandise on The Viral List
Coach is being held responsible for destroying “unsalable” merchandise, DC Comics annou...
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