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Custom Research

The Strategic Services team crafts solutions to connect brands with Gen Z and Millennial consumers, uncovering meaningful insights to transform your youth strategy.

Case Studies

What we do

Are there aspects of young peoples’ lives that you want to explore more in depth? Are there youth movements you want to tap into, but don’t authentically know how? Are you developing new products and services for them? Are you questioning the assumptions your business currently holds about young people?


Our award-winning team of youth experts, data strategists, creative thinkers, and storytellers will help you design solutions that are tailored to your needs and collaboratively uncover findings that will empower your business decisions.

Case study

Spotify’s Music, Moments and more

An 8-phase project leveraging quantitative, qualitative, behavioral, and ethnographic methods to understand Millennial and Gen Z Spotify users at scale.

One of our clients, Spotify, came to us with a simple question: How can we demonstrate that Spotify understands people through music? Equipping Spotify’s sales and marketing teams with the answer to this question fueled business growth, positioned Spotify as thought leaders within the music industry, and culminated in YPulse and Spotify being awarded the EXPLOR Award for Excellence in research innovation.

” [We worked with YPulse] because we knew they are really good at understanding Gen Z and Millennials. [They are] really good with penetrating their life to go deep down to the human needs and how they are consuming content and all the behaviors they have beyond digital.”

Marion Boeri

Global Leader, Thought Leadership, Spotify

More than just data

We already know what’s driving youth through the more than 50 million data points we collect yearly via our Syndicated products. This means our custom conversations start with a deeply informed perspective on the youth trends and brand dynamics we’re already seeing and that can impact the success of your project.

More than anonymous surveys

The YPulse Strategic Services Team has extensive knowledge of youth audiences across quantitative, qualitative, and ethnographic techniques that will unlock massive opportunities, whether in the U.S. or around the globe, and at any age range that speaks to your needs.

By creating personal, two-way research experiences that meet young people at their level – through mobile interfaces, gamification, and more – we build authentic connections between brands and youth.

Market sizing

White space ideation



Concept testing

Qualitative Online Communities

Multi-generational comparisons



Focus Groups

In-Depth Interviews

Behavioral Tracking

Thought Leadership

Ad effectiveness

More than tables & charts

From infographics and white papers to sizzle reels and mini-sites, we find the optimal way to connect with your audience.

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We can brainstorm solutions, discuss an existing RFP, or simply get to know each other better for the next time you need a custom resource!

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