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Want to know what's on the minds of Millennials? Right now? Our live Q&A Feed gives you a real-time view of the stream of questions being asked and answered in Thumb, our Millennial peer to peer Q&A network. The questions that they have for each other can be more revealing than the questions that we have for them.

The Newsfeed

We handpick the top stories in youth research and marketing, culture, lifestyle, and technology—so you don't have to! A snappy summary of the must-know news on young consumers will be delivered straight to your inbox in a snackable daily or weekly update that adds a dose of our expert insight to the latest on Millennials and Gen Z. Let us keep you informed!

Daily Insight Articles

Daily news, insights, and expert commentary on current and future youth trends. Not only do you need to know what's happening, you need to know why it's happening, and how to leverage it. Drawing from, our proprietary research panel of 13-34-year olds, our monthly syndicated research surveys, and our 10+ year history of studying young consumers, we figure out what it all means for companies and marketers, helping them understand the "why" behind the “what".

Infographic Snapshots

These regularly published data visualizations take our proprietary data and synthesize it into an informative infographic that tells a story about young consumers’ behaviors and views. From political stances to social media use to spending, we illustrate how many, how much, and how often, making sure you know exactly where your target audience stands.

Quarterly Trend Reports

Every quarter, we zoom our lens out to look at some of the larger trends happening among young consumers—and why they matter to brands. The Ypulse Quarterly report is an in-the-know guide to Millennials and Gen Z that synthesizes the major shifts and stats we’ve seen over the last quarter of the year. Each report, we identify three of the big trends shaping the way that young consumers are viewing the world, interacting with one another, consuming entertainment and products, and more. We take a close look at the "why behind the what" of each trend, and provide in-action examples and supportive data from a companion report survey.

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Gold Survey Data

Every month, we reach into our youth panel of over 60,000, asking 1,000 13-34-year-olds about current events, seasonal trends, changing attitudes, and new norms. From this survey data treasure trove, we release bi-weekly results delivered to you in your library on Ypulse as downloadable tables in Excel, with data broken out by age (13-17, 18-20, 21-24, 25-29, 30-34, under 18, 18 and over, 21 and over), gender, ethnicity, location, education, and parenthood status. Get an accurate, 360 degree look at Millennials and teens’ tastes, beliefs, and behaviors by diving into the data and details produced by these insightful syndicated youth surveys.

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Topline Reports

Along with monthly survey data, we provide our Gold subscribers with weekly Topline Reports that synthesize hand-picked, illuminating data points. Interesting differences between males and females, teens and Millennials, and ethnicities are highlighted, and relevant statistics are streamlined into an easily consumed, concise, and highly visual PDF, along with summaries and brand takeaways.

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Tracked Data Trends
Survey Question Archive

Every month, we survey our youth panel, asking 1,000 13-34-year-olds about current events, trending topics, changing attitudes, and new norms. Our question archive is a record of every question from our past surveys, to help you see what we're asking and how we're asking it, along with when we last asked it. Our Gold subscribers also have full access to the survey data for each question.

Data Archive

Gain access to our constantly growing archive of data. The downloadable data tables provide full detailed statistical breakouts of all our syndicated surveys. The archive gives you the opportunity to pull up any data file to explore the statistics we’ve collected on the young consumers from January 2013 through today

Download our Monthly Gold Survey Calendar


All our Topline Reports, Ypulse Quarterly trend reports, and your personalized hub of youth insights in one place! Gold subscribers can explore all the syndicated reports we’ve ever published, scrolling through documents as a visual library or easily perused list.

In addition, clicking on the star icons next to any insight article, newsfeed item, or daily stat immediately stores them in the Library tab, to keep all the good stuff you come across all in one place.


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