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Quote of the Day: “Other than South Park and ESPN, Family Guy is something I watched from childhood.”—Male, 26, SD

Netflix could lose one fifth of its content to new network-led streaming services. Disney is pulling Pixar and Marvel off of the SVOD for their own upcoming platform, and AT&T/Time Warner and Comcast could do the same. Some of the shows and movies that could be leaving are the SVOD’s most popular series, like Friends (which won’t be leaving in 2019 at least). Netflix is upping their original content production to offset the losses, but could new competitors loosen their hold on Millennials? (Recode)

BuzzFeed is turning Zippo’s signature click-to-ignite sound into soothing ASMR. The media and lighter brands have teamed up for a series of videos; in the first, “People Make an ASMR Video for the First Time,” participants attempt to softly whisper and cut paper (two popular autonomous sensory meridian trends), then they take out their Zippo lighters. The click-to-open sound is so distinctive that it’s trademarked. (AListDaily)

Mountain Dew is developing a drink just for gamers. Game Fuel will be “the first drink made by gamers, for gamers,” according to the soda brand—which should appeal to young males since they tell us gaming is one of their top passions. The beverage is features caffeine, vitamins A and B, and flavors like Charged Tropical Strike and Charged Original Dew. They partnered with gamers to create the product and are working with major gaming entities like Call of Duty World League to promote it. (Forbes)

Debit card for teens Current is starting to look more like a regular checking account. The fintech solution launched with the idea to modernize teen spending while still keeping parents in control. Now, they’re adding capabilities to allow teen freelancers and entrepreneurs to add their extra cash to a Current checking account. Adding routing and account numbers allows teens to make occasional deposits and use their extra cash on online purchases. (TechCrunch)

Pillsbury is filling select theaters with the scent of cinnamon rolls. They’re pairing the scent with an ad about their product in the smell-a-vision campaign, to encourage viewers to buy their dough in the lead up to the holiday season. The experiential campaign is coming to just 25 theaters and will precede family-friendly holiday movies like The Grinch. A series of TV spots and social media posts will reach those who can't make it to one of the theaters as well. (Ad Age)

Quote of the Day: “TV shows can relax me, but I don't like them very much. I only like to watch NBA.”—Male, 20, LA

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