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Quote of the Day: “I love football and I think FIFA is the best football game.”—Male, 22, CA

Nike’s introduced their new, high-tech, self-lacing sneaker live on Twitch. The brand teamed up with Twitch’s weekly show FreshStock for a pre and post show to bookend the announcement of the Adapt BB, their app-connected sneaker (yes, it’s another thing you’ll have to charge). Fortnite player Nate Hill also dropped by to leverage his influencer effect for added hype. This isn’t Nike’s first time using Twitch to promote a drop: in 2015, they announced new Kyrie Irving kicks during an NBA 2K16 livestream. (TubefilterBleeding Cool)

Student debt is holding back Millennials from buying homes. The Fed reports that the percentage of 24-32-year-olds who own homes dropped from 45% to 36% from 2005 to 2014. Two percentage points (roughly a fifth) of that decline is being attributed to student debt. But here’s the catch-22: “Basically the only way to get your foot in the housing door is to have a degree, even if it comes with debt,” explains CoreLogic Inc.’s deputy chief economist. (WSJFederal Reserve)

Digital gaming revenue rose 11% in 2018, with Fortnite alone raking in $2.4 billion. And the industry isn’t expected to slow down; forecasts predict it will rise from $119.6 billion in 2018 to $128.8 billion in 2019. The game that’s taking over the internet topped the list of high-earning free-to-play games, followed by Dungeon Fighter Online at $1.5 billion and League of Legends at $1.4 billion, according to SuperData. Our State of Gaming trend explored just how young consumers are fueling these massive numbers. (THR)

One of Glossier’s keys to success is letting fans act as their influencers. We’ve written about the hot beauty brandfor their Millennial-friendly marketing tactics, like Instagrammable packaging and experiential stores. But let’s not gloss over (sorry) another key part of their strategy: their ability to tap into their Brandom by reposting fans' content. They’ve built army of brand representatives over 500 strong, and countless more individuals who are more than willing to share their posts with Glossier—for free. (Vox)

LIFE Magazine is repurposing their pictures into kids’ content for the small screen. Imagine Entertainment has teamed up with Four M Studios to turn their print magazine archive into a digital enterprise for children called LIFE for Kids. The iconic publication has only used about 5% of their 10 million photo database that dates back to the late 1800s. Now, they’ll base an animated series on selected photos, bringing them to life for the next generation. (Kidscreen)

Quote of the Day: “A lot of people stay in jobs they hate. They feel stuck or need the money. I refuse to do this. I just gave up a Nursing career to be a CSR and I have never been happier.”—Female, 27, IN

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