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Quote of the Day: “I want to create a culture of belonging, where people feel physically and psychologically safe.”—Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer, VaynerMedia (WSJ)

Minecraft is getting a Pokemon Go-style augmented reality mobile game. In Minecraft Earth, the real world is “Minecraftified” and filled with collectable resources, chest, and other “tappables.” Players can place a virtual “build plate” on their desk or other surface, using what they’ve collected to craft a mini world. Then, they can expand their creation to life-size proportions, allowing them to stroll through the castles or pig-filled pastures of their pixelated dreams via their smartphone screens. (TechCrunchKidscreen)

Gen Z’s and Millennials’ “continuously diminishing trust” in businesses is the biggest learning from a recent Deloitte study. The international survey found that the percentage of those born between 1983 and 2002 that think businesses make a positive impact dropped to 55% from 61% last year. They’re also pessimistic when it comes to the overall economy: only about one in four think their country’s economy is on a path towards improving, the lowest figure seen in the six years since Deloitte started conducted the survey. (Bloomberg)

Gaming companies are leveraging the Influencer Effect, paying livestreamers up to $50,000 to play their game for an hour. According to our And We’re Live trend, 36% of teens have watched live gaming, and that figure jumps to 55% for teen males. To reach that coveted demo, teaming up with influencers has become a marketing strategy must-have for brands like Electronic Arts, whose game Apex Legends was played live by at least a dozen gaming influencers in its first month—resulting in a spike in interest. (WSJ)

Reese Canada’s ASMR feature film turns eating the candy into a calming ritual. Reese The Movie: A Movie About Reese (Canada drops the possessive) shows off five customers’ five-step “Reese Rituals,” which include everything from slowly eating the peanut butter cups’ edges to starting off by smooshing it. Using the internet trend ASMR is becoming a popular marketing move as brands like Michelob Ultra and Ikea come out with campaigns tailored for young consumers seeking stress-relieving content. (MediaPost)

Instagram is pushing its Shop and IGTV features with a revamp of the app’s Explore page. The platform has added shortcut tabs on the Explore page that direct users to view IGTV videos and to shop. Our latest Social Media Monitor found that 26% of Gen Z social media users use Instagram Explore, so the redesign could push them to find content outside of their own feeds—and maybe buy a thing or two via the platform’s Shoppable content. (Fast Company)

Quote of the Day: “[Millennials are] not going out and needing to drink a large quantity of alcohol…they're more concerned about the ultimate experience and what they're getting from their products.”—Mark Hegedus, President and GM, Magic Hat (YPulse)

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