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Quote of the Day: “In 2019, your Instagram is your poster. It’s moving, interactive, and you can monetize it.”—Chadwick Johnson, Manhead Merch (Vox)

Avengers: Endgame’s highly-hyped premiere goes to show that being a geek has never been so cool. Ticket demand for the upcoming Marvel movie is shutting down theater websites, and Fandango had to create a virtual “waiting room." AMC Theatres is even showing the flick for 72 straight hours this weekend to accommodate the Next Level Fandom. And if that doesn’t prove Millennials have ushered in a “peak geek” era, consider how many will also be tuning in for Game of Thrones this Sunday. (Business InsiderCNN)

Speaking of Millennial geeks, some will be rocking Harry Potter Vans soon, thanks to a new collab. The magical team-up will include sneakers, apparel, and accessories for the Potterhead fandom—which has already taken to Twitter to tell Vans to take all their galleons. The landing page for the partnership hints at a house-themed collection (Gryffindor, Slytherin, etc.), so make your appointment with the Sorting Hat ASAP. (PopSugar)

Instagrammability as we know it is dying, so influencers are opting for a new aesthetic. The look popularized by the platform (think: perfectly edited rainbow bagels and pink walls) is being replaced by messier, more authentic posts. Gen Z influencers like Joana Ceddia and Jazzy Anne are racking up likes on unedited, shot-on-their-phone pics, while DSLR-wielding online celebs are losing followers. Take it from one 15-year-old: “It’s not cool anymore to be manufactured.” (The Atlantic)

Coca-Cola is going after coffee-loving young consumers. The beverage brand is bringing “coffee-infused soda” to 25 new markets this year (which doesn't include the U.S.) after a successful launch in Southeast Asia last year. The introduction of “Coke ‘Plus Café Espresso’” is part of their quest to become a “total beverage company,” a strategy that could offset plummeting soda sales brought on by young consumers’ shifting drink preference for low-sugar alternatives. (Yahoo Finance)

One day, kids could take legal action against parents that overshare online. The Privacy Issue is becoming increasingly important for Gen Z, who are growing up to find they already have a digital presence that oftentimes starts as early as when their parents post a sonogram. Legal experts predict that in extreme cases, parents could be sued for oversharing—but in most cases, parents are likely to only get in trouble with their child, not the law. (HuffPost)

Quote of the Day: “A slow start that has handed the industry a 17% year-to-date deficit will...begin to assemble perhaps the greatest comeback in box office history with a monumental slate that will set into motion a herculean reversal of fortune.”—Paul Dergarabedian, Comscore (THR)

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