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Quote of the Day: “I ignore ads or swipe out depending on length; no ad has EVER made me want to buy something.”—Male, 33, NY

When will gamers get a “Netflix for games”? As titles like Fortnite and Red Dead Redemption 2 make headlines for their record-breaking revenues, a battle royale is heating up between Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Verizon to be the first to market with a console-free service that will win over Gen Z & Millennials. Their success will depend on broadband capabilities (games require a lot more bandwidth than shows) and winning over the best developers and titles. (THR)

Today’s teens spend more time doing homework and less time working for pay than the teens of yesteryear. The Pew Research Center reports that 15-17-year-olds are spending 16 more minutes on average doing homework than teens did a decade ago and are less likely to have a job. Their downtime is mostly spent on screens, and though screen time has stayed relatively constant over the years, boys are clocking in nearly an hour more than girls. (We also looked at what they're doing in their free time.) (Pew Research)

American Eagle is launching its own version of Rent the Runway. They’re jumping on the clothing subscription service bandwagon, along with other recent entrants like Express. “American Eagle Style Drop” will let shoppers swap out three items of apparel as often as they want throughout the month for $49.95, which includes shipping and dry cleaning costs. The move appeals to environmentally-minded young shoppers looking for more ways to go zero-waste. (Business Insider)

Some Gen Z & Millennial gamers are fighting depression and anxiety with Fortnite. The game acts as an outlet for negative energy while building up their virtual and IRL friendships. Small successes like gunning down an enemy can be one of the only positive parts of their day, and since the game is played online, they can share their achievements with others. Also, they can join in on the culture surrounding the gaming craze by chatting and watching streams. And we found in our State of Gaming report that Fortnite isn’t the only game giving players a mental health boost. (Mel Magazine)

Screens where shoppers can virtually test out Garnier hair colors are coming to Walmart. L’Oreal’s Garnier brand worked with ModiFace to create their Virtual Shade Selector, which initially launched online. Now, the augmented reality beauty tool is rolling out to 10 Walmarts, along with other select retailers like Walgreens, Wakefern, and Meijer. The high-tech experience will include a one-minute diagnostic test followed by the chance to try on recommended shades from Garnier’s product line. (MediaPost)

Quote of the Day: “Most social media is an echo-chamber for immaturity.”—Male, 30, MD

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