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Quote of the Day: “Black-ish is my favorite show on air because it's informative, funny, relatable, and political…I know that I'll be entertained and maybe even learn something new or think critically about certain issues.”—Female, 22, PA

Petco is nixing artificial ingredients to go all natural for young pet owners. The pet store’s CEO says they’re “taking the nutritional high ground,” and it’s not without risk: they currently sell roughly $100 million in dog and cat food featuring artificial additives each year. Regardless of the fact that natural pet products only occupied 6.5% market share in 2017, they’re taking all dog and cat food brands that don’t bend to their new rules off the shelves by May 2019. (Don’t worry, they’re donating all that leftover kibble.) (OCR)

It’s a “golden age” for vegan ice cream, as more young consumers go dairy-free. Not only is vegan food a top food trend among Millennials & Gen Z, but Nielsen data shows that nondairy ice cream sales surged 50% from 2016 to 2017. Trendy ice cream chain Van Leeuwen says when they first came out with nondairy flavors, “they exploded” (figuratively), encouraging them to add ten flavors to their everyday lineup and for countless other brands to follow suit. (Eater)

Lego is targeting stressed out adults with its newest toy. Forma kits will come with the pieces required to assemble the framework of a fish, along with sheets of paper that consumers can color and attach to the structure as “skins.” A third of young consumers told Ypulse they’ve used coloring books to relieve anxiety, and Lego is hoping that the coloring aspect will draw in these anxious consumers, acting as an entry point to get them interested in the more technical Lego-building aspect. (Fast Company)

McDonald’s just unveiled some retro posters to celebrate the Big Mac’s 50th birthday. The minimalist portraits travel through time from the ‘60s to the ‘80s, showing off the styles of their respective times (ie: lots of big hair). The fast food chain is appealing to nostalgic young consumers (who told Ypulse that McDonald’s is one of their favorite fast food restaurants), while reminding them of “the Big Mac’s enduring popularity.” (Adweek)

Gen Z celebs are donning red carpet looks that match their morals. Designers that go against their beliefs won’t make their way into their closets; one stylist says that Prada, Calvin Klein, and more labels are approved while Dolce & Gabbana is on the outs for controversial statements they made on social media. Some are even using the red carpet to support causes they care about, like Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown, who wore a custom March for Our Lives Calvin Klein shirt to the 2018 Kids’ Choice Awards. (THR)

Quote of the Day: “I choose my wine based off of how good the label is…”—Female, 23, TN

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