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“The paleo diet really interests me because I love the idea of having no artificial foods. I fully believe in GMOs, so I would still eat any fresh foods, just I wonder if eating no artificial foods would increase my health.”

—Female, 18, CO

Millennials think an emoji is worth a thousand words. A Harris Poll survey found 36% of 18-34-year-olds think modern hieroglyphics, like emojis, emoticons, and GIFs, better express their thoughts and feelings than words. Unsurprisingly, the older the generation, the less likely they were to say the same. When asked about conveying emotion only, two-thirds of Millennials said GIFs worked better than words. Millennials were also much more likely to want to send an emoji to communicate rather than hop on the phone. (TIME)

Bacardi is letting Snapchat users star in Major Lazer’s new music video. Their new sponsored Snapchat lens can only be unlocked using codes found on Bacardi’s Twitter page, making customers touch down on at least two of their social media channels. Once you’re back in-app, you can sing along to Major Lazer’s new single, “Front of the Line” while the filter distorts your face in a series of silly ways. Finally, Major Lazer will be sourcing user-submitted videos for the final music video to give some fans their fifteen minutes (or seconds) of fame. (Creativity)

Millennials may not be spending all their money on avocado toast, but data suggests they may be dining out too often for their own financial good. Bankrate.com’s new study reports that Millennials dine out or order takeout five times a week on average. (Ypulse’s dining survey indicates that half are ordering delivery/going out to eat 1-2 times a week.) Additionally, they’re spending more on brewed coffee, tea, and alcohol than older generations. So, while one slice of toast isn’t turning out their wallets, “cutting back on those little expenses” may be the first step towards financial independence. (Fortune)

Microsoft is letting gamers customize their controllers. The new Xbox Design Lab breaks down the device into all its individual parts, from triggers to grips, so customers can customize the color on each piece. Ypulse data shows three quarters of 13-34-year-olds are interested in buying products that are personalized to their taste, and if coordinating colors isn’t unique enough for them, customers can also add an engraving. Nothing says you’re Player 1 like a monogrammed controller.

(The Express Tribune)

Demi Lovato has quietly earned $18 million on storytelling app Episode. The interactive app gives Lovato a platform to let her fans dance a day in her shoes through various games that she conceptualizes and gives her personal stamp of approval on. Episode users are highly engaged, with 12% even taking their phones in the shower with them, so it should come as no surprise that she’s amassed 446 million views. (Business Insider)

“I eat whenever I need to...I don’t follow the conventional breakfast, lunch, dinner setup.”

—Male, 29 VA

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