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Quote of the Day: “[Cat Meffan] is my favorite online yoga instructor who is quirky, fun, and always provides great free yoga workouts on YouTube.”—Female, 24, MI

Pokémon Go raked in $84.8 million last month and downloads jumped 100% year-over-year, according to Sensor Tower. Though the augmented reality app is past its peak, it remains “an absolute juggernaut” of the mobile gaming world. For comparison’s sake, the game reached $300 million in revenue 87 days faster than the gaming craze du jour, Fortnite. It's estimated that the game has earned $2.01 billion since its 2016 launch, and it’s not stopping anytime soon. (Variety)

West Elm won over young shoppers, but now angry customers are dragging them on social media. The company targets young consumers looking to deck out their Home Sweet Homes—but they’re not living up to expectations. A scroll through West Elm’s social feeds are mired in customer service complaints about orders arriving damaged, late, or lost. This isn’t the first time the home décor company has come under scrutiny: a viral essay about a poor-quality couch prompted the retailer to remove the model. (Vox)

Moschino and H&M have teamed up for a nostalgia-packed apparel line. MTV and Disney characters made their way onto the much-hyped line, letting customers rep their Brandoms in clothing that is nostalgic both in references and design. Fans can buy gold chain covered garb, jorts, extra baggy jeans, and even clothing covered in a CD-ROM print. And beyond the nostalgic appeal, the collab features diverse models and gender-neutral looks. (GQEsquire)

Verizon’s new dumb phone could be the digital detoxing solution young consumers are looking for. The Palm is about the size of a credit card and includes a pared down slate of features, including calling, messaging, and apps—more than its Kickstarter competitor, the Light Phone. It’s intended to be an extra phone and can only be purchased as an add-on to a preexisting line. To up the unplugging aspect of the offering, users can activate “Life Mode,” which switches on Do Not Disturb and Low Battery settings. (The Verge)

Young Millennials are seeking new career opportunities, and they’re willing to switch jobs and relocate to do it. LinkedIn found that employees younger than 24 are three times more likely to change jobs as Baby Boomers, and 20% have four or more full-time jobs over the course of a few years. The demo is new to the workforce, so it makes sense that they’re not yet set in their career path. In fact, 80% said they’re willing to change their roles or even industries, while half are willing to move for a new opportunity. (Fortune)

Quote of the Day: “I love [Beyoncé] and her music and she inspires so many people including me to aspire for my dreams.”—Male, 13, CA

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