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Quote of the Day: “Celebrities try too hard to be relevant and political and woke, no one wants to hear a celebrity’s politics…”—Male, 24, NC

Liver disease deaths among Millennials are rising at an “alarming” rate. The British Medical Journal reports a 10.5% spike in deaths from cirrhosis among 25-34-year-olds, which a specialist calls “alarming” because the disease typically takes years to cause death. They add, “A lot of younger men are showing up very sick. It’s always shocking to meet someone in their 20s or 30s who has liver failure.” Binge drinking is reportedly behind the spike. (NYPWP)

Backlash is brewing over Beauty Blender’s new foundation line. Having 40 shades is the new standard for foundation lines (thanks, Fenty Beauty), but Beauty Blender only came out with 32—few of which are formulated for deeper skin tones. Twitter was quick to call them out, but Beauty Blender is holding their ground, arguing that “half the shades (16) are formulated for a range of olive and brown skin tones.” Millennials and Gen Z expect brands to be as diverse as they are; anything less and companies can expect a crisis. (Refinery29Nylon)

Instagrammable vacation posts are misleading young travelers—and they’re basing their itineraries on them. Allianz Global Assistance found that 36% of Millennial travelers post images that make their vacations look better than they actually are—via filters, cropping, curating, and more. What’s more is that 40% of under-33-year-olds prioritize social-media worthiness when choosing a destination. (Forbes)

Facebook is teaming up with AMC to allow users to purchase tickets on their platform, another potential threat to MoviePass. Movie-going is still a big hobby for young consumers, and theaters are rushing to up their offerings to keep them coming. AMC recently announced A-List, the chain’s answer to movie subscription service MoviePass. Meanwhile, MoviePass just made their purchasing process more difficult, potentially giving the edge to AMC. (MashableDeadline)

Are Millennials “burning out” at work? A Gallup Study found that 28% of young employees are frequently or constantly feeling burned out, 7% higher than older generations. In addition to that, 45% of Millennial workers said they sometimes experience burnout. Unfortunately for employers, burnt out employees are 63% more likely to call out sick and three times as likely to quit. However, employers can alleviate the burn by taking a page or two from our Millennial Employee Handbook. (Gallup)

Quote of the Day: “[Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani] are a fantastic ice dance team that really try to let their fans in on their life through social media.”—Female, 22, PA

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