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Quote of the Day: “I love good food and social networks.”—Male, 33, NY

Fox is unveiling new dramas that will play during commercial breaks. Media companies are getting creative to keep the ad-skipping generations from hitting “fast-forward.” Now, Fox will feature brand-sponsored vignettes in lieu of traditional commercials. The “Unbreakables” series will feature inspiring stories about individuals who have overcome adverse situations. This isn’t the first time Fox has reimagined the commercial break as they look “to do something other than interrupting people”—while still generating revenue of course. (Variety)

Millennial parents might need to worry more about their own screen time than their kids’. Spending too much time on a screen means today’s parents are in a state of “continuous partial attention.” Numerous studies have shown that partial attention isn’t good enough when it comes to effectively building children’s language skills, an important indicator of future academic performance. One psychologist explains, “Toddlers cannot learn when we break the flow of conversations by picking up our cellphones or looking at the text that whizzes by our screens.” (The Atlantic)

Family game shows and esports are getting mashed together for Nintendo Switch Family Showdown. Nintendo and Disney have partnered up for the competitive gaming show, which will feature four families facing off in challenges on Mario Tennis AcesJust Dance 2018Super Mario Odyssey, and more Nintendo games. Families can qualify by sending a one-minute video about why they love Nintendo in hopes of being selected for the esports competition, which will broadcast across Disney Channel and Disney XD. (Kidscreen)

Astrology memes are taking over social media feeds. Most Millennials don’t believe in astrology, but that doesn’t mean they’re not having fun with the Practical Magic trend. Meme accounts are “micro-targeting” specific star signs by coming up with humorous posts reminiscent of niche meme accounts. Why are these accounts gaining traction? Amato Hartwig, owner of @manicpixiememequeen, thinks that “the world has been growing more and more absurd, and people are looking for explanations.” (Select All)

Good Media Group is launching an apparel and accessories line that they’ll self-promote across their own publications, Upworthy and Good Magazine. More media companies are beefing up their ecommerce efforts as they search for new sources of revenue beyond ads. Public Service Apparel Supply Company will have a standalone site as well as storefronts on both editorial sites, and it appeals to charitable young consumers by donating 10% of its revenue to a nonprofit. (Digiday)

Quote of the Day: “I am interested in saving as much money as I possibly can to travel.”—Female, 25, MI

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