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Quote of the Day: “The way that YouTube Kids should be set up is that everything should be reviewed by a human…[K]ids don't need access to millions of videos. What they need access to is content that has been curated and vetted.” - Josh Golin, Executive Director, Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (YPulse)

Facebook is launching a cryptocurrency—and it might be too big to fail. Project Libra is the “wildly ambitious” plan to bring cryptocurrency to their billions of users, and will first be offered on Messenger and WhatsApp sometimes in 2020. Users will be able to use the digital money to make purchases on both Facebook’s apps and sites and with other merchants—like Uber and Spotify. Though trust in the social platform is not exactly at a high, it’s possible the sheer volume of users across Facebook’s platforms will ensure Libra’s success. (FortuneVox)

Gen Z & Millennials are allegedly not wearing deodorant. According to YouGov, 39% of 18-24-year-olds and 31% of 25-34-year-olds say they haven’t worn antiperspirant or deodorant in the last 30 days. Almost half of 18-24-year-olds even say they haven’t purchased those products in the last year, hinting a potential “shrinking market.” YPulse’s recent beauty and personal care survey found that 64% of 13-36-year-olds use antiperspirant—so there is definitely a segment of young consumers who are going without. (YouGov)

YouTube is “under fire,” and children’s content may be removed from the site completely to protect young viewers. In the wake of a series of incidents and criticism that put the spotlight on the questionable content kids can access there, YouTube is reportedly considering moving all kids’ content to their stand-alone, and more regulated, YouTube Kids product. YouTube employees are also pushing for automatic content play to be turned off for children’s videos—so inappropriate content isn’t surfaced after safe videos have ended. As Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood told YPulse, “If you are going to keep kids’ videos on YouTube, then you need to treat those videos differently.” (WSJ)

Make way for the Dadfluencers. Dads are earning millions of followers on social platforms by focusing on their child-rearing experiences—the hashtag #dadlife alone has over 3.7 million Instagram posts. Millennial parents are ushering in a new, more highly involved, era of fatherhood—U.S. dads staying at home with their kids is at a record high, and they’re spending more time with their kids per week than fathers of previous generations. “Dad content” is rising as an appetite for representations of this more modern father increase. (Wired)

Planters Peanuts is the latest unexpected brand to release a hot sneaker collab. Their brand-themed, limited-edition basketball shoe Crunch Force 1 is available for pre-order by “snack lovers and sneakerheads” this week—for a cool $170. And yes, Mr. Peanut’s face (and monocle) is featured. This isn’t the first time the brand has made a surprise marketing move, to reach young consumers: they brewed up a limited-edition craft beer (Mr. IPA-Nut) earlier this year. (CNN)

Quote of the Day: “Young consumers build relationships with brands the same way they build relationships in real life. They want to get to know a brand—its values, personality, and style—and they want to be treated like real people, not dollar signs or potential sales." - Kathleen Reidenbach, CCO, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants (YPulse)

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