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Quote of the Day: “[I have] gone to a barcade where I got to play classic arcade games while at a bar setting.”—Female, 29, IN

K-Swiss is cashing in on gaming by coming out with performance esports sneakers. One version has already debuted but doesn’t have the performance features the later Grandmaster model will. Namely, the shoes will be easy to kick off hands-free in the middle of a long match. And aesthetically speaking, they have the logo of Immortals, an esports organization. The shoes show how esports marketing is a major trend that's not just for energy drinks. (Bloomberg)

IMAX is giving up on virtual reality. The cinema tech company is shutting down the last three of its VR centers in LA, Bangkok, and Toronto, after already shutting down their other four locations. They previously shuttered a “VR camera project” they had been working on with Google, and their filing reports that they’re “writ[ing] off certain VR content investments.” Though many have tried, VR has yet to outshine augmented reality. (TechCrunch)

Vaping is more common among teens than ever, but other substance use has hit a historic low. A new study from the University of Michigan reports that 17.6% of eighth-graders, 32.3% of 10th-graders, and 37.3% of 12th-graders vaped in the past year—a 4-9% increase for all demos. Meanwhile, traditional cigarette use is lower than ever, with 63% of 13-17-year-olds telling Ypulse they feel vaping will replace cigarettes. Use of alcohol, heroin, MDMA, and more has also reached a new low. (CNN)

Two-year-old influencers are raking in five figures per branded post. From twins Tatum and Oakley (who have 2.2 million followers) to mini fashion icon Zooey, children are taking over social media—but not without controversy. Many question the parent’s role in managing the small stars’ income, who don’t have the same protections as traditional Hollywood talent. The question of consent also comes into play, with many young influencers not realizing how famous they are, or even that they have Instagram accounts. (Fast Company)

Thanksgiving isn’t the only holiday Millennials are celebrating with friends. According to hotels.com, one in five 21-38-year-old U.K. adults want to spend Christmas with their friends, and three in ten of those gatherings will involve cooking a Christmas dinner. And when it comes to who they want to spend the holidays with the least, one in ten go so far as to wish that their in-laws don’t have enough space for them at their holiday gatherings. (Refinery29Independent)

Quote of the Day: “Supernatural is a guilty pleasure show.  While it isn't very consistent in terms of plotline, it’s a fun show with a lovable cast, and it’s ludicrous story keeps you wondering what is next.”—Female, 26, GA

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