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The Unhappiest Place On Earth: The Friday Don’t Miss List

Visiting Disney World's warped doppelganger (courtesy of Banksy); the dating app for the young, rich, and famous; Burger King's now-infamous Peace Day offering,...

Tasty Food Marketing…From Non-Food Brands

Marketing to a generation of foodies means that even non-food brands are rolling out tasty food-centric campaigns, beyond the branded food truck. According to a...

Millennial-Fueled Social Movements

Making a difference is hugely important to Millennials and teens, who are founding their own social good projects and fueling movements that reflect their values...

3 Things To Watch Today

We're here to keep you in the loop on the viral content being consumed by young consumers—and why it matters. The...

Selling to Rich Millennials (Yes, They Exist)

Much ink is spilled on Millennials' debt and financial hardships, but as with any generation, there are also lucky, privileged, and just straight-up rich Millennials...

Back To Hogwarts: The Friday Don’t Miss List

Why the Millennial Harry Potter fandom will never die, the dangers of breaking up online, the generation making or breaking retail, and more....

Beware the Teens, The Most Powerful Force on the Internet

Brand after brand is learning the serious power and influence of teens online, and their almost scary ability to organize to get what they want,...

Diversity Isn’t What You Think It Is: The New Era of Inclusive Marketing

We know Millennials and teens want diversity in entertainment and marketing, but what that diversity looks like is swiftly evolving. For a long time, we...

Millennial News Feed

Quote of the Day: "My favorite place to shop online is Sephora, because I love high end makeup and I love reading about what's new and watching tutorials on how it works.” –Female, 26, MA

We’ve seen everyone from food startups to fast-food chains label their food “artisanal” to appeal to Millennials—and there is good reason. It turns out there is generation gap when it comes to consumers’ reaction to “artisanal” and “craft.”  Millennials are more likely than older consumers to say that the labels “handmade/handcrafted, “craft,” and “small batch” tell them a product is high quality, and also more likely to say that descriptors like “artisan/artisanal” have some influence on their purchases. (MediaPost)

To sell wine to Millennials, brands have had to drop the exclusivity and embrace a more unpretentious attitude. Sparkling wine brand Chandon is relying on Instagram to get their bubbly message across to young females, making it their top social platform, over Pinterest. Their colorful, summertime images, featuring captions like “Today calls for Rosé,” are a part of their effort to get sparkling wine “out of the holiday rut.” (Digiday)

Older generations who hear about anonymous apps like Whisper and YikYak have one main question: why? Question and answer site Ask.fm’s recent study asked them, and found that 40% of 13-18-year-olds said anonymity online allows them to talk about difficult topics—only 4% said they would talk about the same things if their name was being used. (IBT)

New parents will do just about anything to get their kid(s) to go to sleep, as one self-published book is proving. The picture book The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep made the Amazon bestseller list by claiming to put children straight to sleep. Sales skyrocketed quickly, going from selling just 324 copies on August 16th, to 29,000 at the end of last week. It’s rumored that Random House has bought the rights to the miracle book. (Publisher’s Weekly)

Restoration Hardware is going after the teens “who ha[ve] everything.” Their new high-end post-childhood line RH Teen includes chandeliers, and fine art photography, and the brand hopes to capture young consumers as they are finding their own identity and becoming independent as decorators of their space. Unlike some brands, who are co-creating their products and marketing with young consumers, Restoration chose to launch RH Teen without focus groups or studies. (WSJ)

According to Pew, a third of Millennials frequently use their phones in public for “no particular reason,” and 13% say they frequently use their mobile devices to avoid interacting with other people. (Queue the “anti-social Millennial” pieces.) But another study might shed some more light on their “for no reason” phone use: 60% believe their smartphones enhances their leisure time. The research hypothesizes that young consumers are using phones for moments of “micro-leisure” throughout the day. (Washington PostSocialTimes)

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