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“Basically if I found out any brand was supporting causes I do not support and actively oppose, I will avoid buying their products.”—Female, 27, CA

Overtime is turning high school athletes into social media influencers. They’re not paying the soon-to-be stars a dime (so they can retain their amateur athlete status for college), but they are paying their family, friends, and anyone nearby to be impromptu paparazzi. They take the photos and videos their “stringers” supply and distribute the best across their channels. Overtime is putting the ball in only a few dozen athletes’ courts, and investors like Kevin Durant (and his manager) show the platform has potential. (Recode)

A new show documents a school that’s gone gender-free. No More Boys and Girls: Can Our Kids Go Gender Free? is a BBC documentary where boys and girls are treated the exact same. One thing the host has learned is that six-and-seven-year-olds already have many ideas about what it means to be a member of each gender—even at such a young age. Despite their bias, the show draws some “surprisingly controversial” conclusions about The Genreless Generation, arguing that not letting kids cross the toy aisle for instance is “not allowing your child their fullest development.” (Stuff)

Modern brides are demanding more affordable dresses from indie brands—and David’s Bridal is struggling to stay in vogue. Moody’s dropped David’s Bridal rating to “negative” from “stable,” as “a reflection of the intense competition in the sector and casualization of both gowns and bridesmaids dresses.” H&M, Asos, Reformation, and Anthroplogie all offer off-the-rack alternatives to expensive and ornate wedding gowns. And though David’s Bridal has introduced a similar line, the dresses are less profitable. Some say marketing is the culprit because the staid brand needs to convince Millennial brides that they’re more than just a warehouse. (Insider)

Why is Snapchat welcoming Google’s new Discover-copycat feature with open arms? Google AMP Stories launched this week, and shows the same kind of vertical, mobile-friendly content from publishers that was previously only found in Snapchat’s Discover section. But unlike Instagram’s attempts to undermine Snapchat features, Google’s adoption of the format could be a boon for both brands. More publishers may want to produce content that can have a wider distribution than Snapchat alone—though Snapchat will continue to dominate the space. The tide could turn though if Facebook or Instagram hop on the bandwagon (which they usually do). (TechCrunch)

Netflix is having a halo effect on traditional cable shows. Namely, Riverdale and Shameless—two shows we tracked in our quarterly trend: Escape to the Dark SideShameless saw a 25% spike in viewers across all platforms the season following their addition to Netflix, while “Gen Z hit” Riverdale saw live-plus-7 (the live airing plus seven days) ratings jump 60% in season two and 83% for 18-34-year-olds. Many binged the first season on Netflix, and once they were hooked, the CW “did a remarkable job getting people back.” (Adweek)

“I personally set up a clothing/toy drive four times a year in my community that helps refugee families.”—Female, 32, IL

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