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Western Europe
Ditch Netflix or Eat Beans? What Young Europeans Have Done to Fight the Cost-Of-Living Crisis
The words “cost-of-living” and “inflation” were everywhere in the news last year in Wes...
North America
TikTok’s Daddy is Saving the App from Congress on The Viral List
This week on TikTok: Dedicated users are defending the platform’s CEO in U.S. trial...
North America
Gen Z’s Top 15 Brands Right Now
Every brand wants to know where they stand with Gen Z. Though Millennials have the most...
North America
How Lonely Are Gen Z and Millennials?
During the pandemic, loneliness was its own epidemic, and young people felt the effects...
Western Europe
One & Done: How European Millennials Are Reshaping Parenting
Unlike previous generations, European Millennials don’t feel the pressure to complete l...
North America
Does Gen Z Use Facebook?
Facebook was the social network (pun intended) to be on when Millennials were growing u...
North America - Western Europe
Guinness Tapped a TikTok Meme for St. Patty’s Day on The Viral List
Guinness successfully hopped on a meme just in time for St. Patty’s Day  Singing...
North America
Gen Z Says TikTok is the Most Addictive Social Media Platform
YPulse has told you before that young consumers use different social media platforms fo...
Western Europe
Western Europe Gen Z Are Getting Money to Go Out and Have Fun
The “safety net” culture in Western Europe makes many consumers expect the state to pro...
North America
For Gen Z and Millennials, Owning a VR Headset Is as Rare Today as It Was in 2018
Many brands were once banking on virtual reality as the core driver towards the metaver...
Western Europe
What Are Young Europeans’ Favorite Tech Brands?
European Gen Z and Millennials own on average 9 technological devices, underscoring jus...
North America
Mental Health is a Struggle for LGBTQ+ Youth—Here’s 2 Ways They Want to Manage It
YPulse has told you that the number of Gen Z who identify as LGBTQ+ continues to grow, ...