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North America
Most Gen Z and Millennials Will Be Black Friday Shopping—At Least Online
Young consumers planned to start holiday shopping early this year because of the econom...
Western Europe
These Are the Top Sources of Entertainment Young Europeans Turn To
Gen Z and Millennials are video-first generations, and they have more options for enter...
North America
The Majority of Young People Are Using Subtitles When They Watch TV
You might remember a Stranger Things viral moment earlier this year involving the word ...
North America
The Media Platforms BIPOC Youth Say are Most Diverse and Inclusive
Research shows that entertainment with diverse casts and crews draws in more viewers, a...
North America
Show Your Girl The Viral List, or Pete Davidson Will
  MrBeast has officially beat PewDiePie in subscriber count  PewDiePie, ...
North America
Gen Z and Millennials Are Using Social Media to Listen to Music Now
YPulse data shows music is important to Gen Z and Millennials—it’s a core way they expr...
North America - Western Europe
Gen Z NA VS WE: What Screens Do They Watch Most
Despite speculations that Gen Z and Millennials would begin to watch less video content...
North America
How Does Gen Z and Millennials’ Twitter Usage Compare to Other Platforms?
Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room, or rather, on the internet: Twitter. It’s...
North America
Gen Z and Millennial Women Are Making Egg Freezing Mainstream
Young people are planning their futures on different timelines than their parents, and ...
Western Europe
Young Europeans Use These Social Media Platforms the Most
Gen Z and Millennials in Western Europe are the social media generations, just like the...
North America
Young Girls Are Losing Confidence, But Mentorship Could Change That
Young girls today have a lot of pressure on them, and as they get older, they can find ...
North America
TikTok is Skipping Straight to December on The Viral List
  A member of Gen Z is officially in Congress  Twenty-five-year-old Maxw...