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Ad/Marketing Effectiveness

Mar 23 2022

Gen Z and Millennials are two generations that brands need to be increasingly clever to reach. While they may spend more time consuming media than any before them, they are incredibly adept at avoiding the marketing they don’t care to see. So how can brands integrate their advertisements into something young people are actually paying attention to? And what do these gens want from the ads they are seeing?

YPulse’s Ad / Marketing Effectiveness report digs into where brands need to be advertising, what type of marketing young people like, and what they want to see more of in brand advertisements.

Download the full report for insights on:

  • What social media platforms Gen Z and Millennial are seeing ads on that make them want to buy
  • How brands can make their ads entertaining
  • What LGBTQ+ and BIPOC young consumers want to see in brand advertisements

Report length: 12 pages

Based on a survey of 1450 13-39-year-olds in the U.S. and Canada, fielded in February & March 2022

All surveys fielded after June 1, 2021 are expanded to a North American sample and totals now reflect the views of 13-39-year-olds in both the U.S. and Canada

Additional survey content for Pro users: How young people feel about different types of marketing, how many are paying for an ad-free version of a streaming service, and how many have bought something with a branded logo on it.

Survey content for Pro users also includes data split by the following demographics: Gender & Generation, Age Groups, Academic Status, Race, BIPOC, Country, Urban/Rural Status, LGBTQ+, and Parent

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