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More and more TikTok creators are signing on with Hollywood talent agencies.

Feb 01 2022

More and more TikTok creators are signing on with Hollywood talent agencies. Thanks to the growing influence of TikTok, young content creators have become the new A-list celebrity due to their entertaining ability to relate (and inspire) to young people across a variety of categories: food, music, comedy, fashion—you name it. YPulse’s influencers and celebrities research shows online celebrities are the most-relatable type of celebrity in the eyes of Gen Z and Millennials, and talent agencies are scooping them up.  Major TikTok influencers like Charli D’Amelio (UTA) and Addison Rae (WME) were some of the first to venture outside of the platform, scoring their own reality TV show and movie deal, and more viral creators have been signing on with talent agencies like CAA to grow their influence—and careers—beyond TikTok. Boman Martinez-Reid (known as “Bomanizer”) has a guest appearance on Canada’s Drag Race and a line of branded merch, and the musicians behind The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical, Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear, were recently nominated for a Grammy and now have their own vinyls tied to their musical album. As one industry expert puts it, “Gen Z influencers on TikTok have built meaningful followings and have a built-in audience of fans that feel a personal connection to the creator and want to be more supportive,” thus making them the perfect target for future brand collabs, entertainment ventures, and more. (CNBC)