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Fashion brands are trying to “play it safe” during Lunar New Year.

Feb 01 2022

Fashion brands are trying to “play it safe” during Lunar New Year. The Year of the Tiger kicks off today. But ahead of the holiday, fashion brands took a “cautious approach” to avoid marketing missteps. Retail data and analytics firm Edited reported a 76% increase in Chinese New Year products in the luxury market in 2020, while Bain & Company says that Chinese consumers are the “engine of worldwide growth” in luxury spending, and the region is on track to become the biggest luxury market by 2025—so finding the right message for China is “critical.” Brands are trying to be careful as customers globally have a “lower tolerance” for tokenism, with some luxury brands shifting management to their China and APAC teams for marketing decisions instead of European HQs. This year’s collections have been using literal interpretations of zodiac animals as their “hook,” while leaning on local communities. Gucci and Levi’s launched Tiger-inspired capsule collections; Ferragamo tapped Chinese artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu to create prints inspired by the tiger, which is being used for limited-edition accessories; and Prada launched a contest asking under-30 art students globally for their best interpretations of the tiger, which will be judged by artists and chosen for a “special project.” Meanwhile, some brands are attaching their campaigns to philanthropic causes: Prada launched an “Action in the Year of the Tiger” campaign that will raise awareness for big cat species, while Bottega Veneta is donating money toward the renovation and maintenance of the Great Wall. YPulse told you that it’s important to be mindful about marketing during cultural holidays and Lunar New Year is no exception. (Vogue BusinessSourcing Journal)