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4th of July Weekend is Here—This is What Gen Z & Millennials Have Planned

While 4th of July celebrations were subdued last year, young consumers’ plans this year are starting to look like they did pre-COVID…


The 4th of July certainly looked different for Gen Z and Millennials last year, as did most things. But the Independence Day of Hot Vax Summer is upon us—so are Gen Z and Millennials planning to go all out?

YPulse data found that young consumers were plenty ready for summer this year, with plans for everything from hanging out with friends and family to going to the movies to vacation seeing a significant increase from 2021. YPulse’s recent 4th of July and America Views behavioral report also found that 88% of 13-39-year-olds are celebrating  the holiday this year compared to 81% last year.  But, what exactly are they planning for the big day? Here’s how this 4th of July plans compare to the last two years among 13-39-year-olds: 

It’s beginning to look a lot like 2019. Across the board, most of the typical 4th of July activities saw significant increases compared to last year. Spending time with family, watching fireworks, having picnics/BBQs, partying, watching parades, and traveling have all rebounded to near pre-pandemic levels. While not quite back to “normal” we can expect that for young consumers, this 4th will be a celebration far closer to what they knew before last year. We recently told you that Gen Z and Millennials’ comfort levels with social events and out-of-home experiences are quickly rebounding, and this data supports the fact that they are returning to their traditions and routines. Notably, the number who plan to play games has steadily increased even through the pandemic, an indication that the obsession with lawn games and other games as entertainment is not going anywhere. 

But while they’re more likely to be planning celebrations for this weekend, these young consumers may still have COVID budgets. When we look at planned spending, the amount that Gen Z and Millennials tell us they plan to spend for the 4th remains nearly the same for 2020 and 2021, an average of about $195. That said, when we ask what they plan to purchase, there were increases in several categories: 

The number of young consumers who say they plan to buy food, fireworks, clothing, decorations, games/sporting equipment, and accessories has increased not just compared to 2020, but in many cases in comparison to 2019 as well. How are they going to buy all these things with the same budget as last year? Well, it’s fair to say these generations aren’t planning to splurge on any one category and will be happily shopping for sales. But these numbers also indicated an excitement and enthusiasm to celebrate—they are, after all, self-reported plans, and young people are planning to go as all out as they can for the holiday weekend this year. (While watching their wallets.) 

So, even though Gen Z and Millennials’ views on America haven’t improved, it’s evident that they’re looking forward to going out and celebrating the 4th of July after a year in quarantine. Overall, their holiday plans are starting to look like they did pre-COVID—which could be an early sign of how the holidays for the rest of the year could go. 

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