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Mulan IRL & Museum Scavenger Hunts: The Friday Don’t Miss List

So you don’t feel left out, this week we’re bring you scavenger hunts for adults, the next YA novel, and the Millennial girls who are inspiring us all—read on for more in the Friday Don’t Miss List!

1. A Scavenger Hunt for Art or for Neverland?

Being a grown up is unavoidable, but Millennials are looking for ways to unplug from adulthood and finding activities that let them temporarily escape the daily pressures and indulge their inner kid. Since we first wrote about the trend of Millennials Chasing Neverland, new examples have been popping up around the globe. Don’t miss another effort to visit Neverland: the NYC Museum of Modern Art Scavenger Hunt, which lets adults team up with others as they peruse the museum for clues, take silly pictures, admire the art, and enjoy a post-hunt cocktail party.

2.  12 Sexual Orientations on OKCupid

We let you know in the newsfeed that a new poll released by the Public Religion Research Institute this week found 42% of 18-34-year-olds believe homosexuality is morally acceptable. You shouldn’t miss that Millennials are almost twice as likely to say they are LGBT than previous generations, with 7% identifying as either as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. The size of the LGBT population has long been unclear, but more accurate statistics are likely to be uncovered as being labeled as “gay” is continuously losing the stigma it once had. As the Daily Beast notes, “These days, it’s just one of 12 sexual orientations on OKCupid.”

3. Girls Playing Hardball

We dog-eared the pages of Teen VogueSeventeen, and Nylon to round up what and who teens are reading about this month. Don’t miss some of the athletic new teen icons featured between their covers: Little League star Mo’ne Davis is half sports hero, half normal Philadelphia 8th grade, has redefined what it means to throw like a girl, and now even has her own memoir. Meanwhile, Instagram fitness star Kayla Istines has soared to fame with 2.4 million dedicated followers. They’re turning to Kayla for not only inspiration, but to find work out routines, have questions answered by Kayla herself, and connect with a supportive community.

4. Big Cable, You’re Outta Here

In case the stats on Big Cable’s decline haven’t said it all, one Millennial laid out his reasons for cutting the cord, and noted that “holding my teams hostage is not going to work anymore. More and more leagues are signing streaming deals.” Sports fans certainly have plenty of off-cable choices, don’t miss how they’re figuring out how to get the games they want by cobbling together services like MLB.TV, Sling TV for ESPN, and Apple TV.  It’s not only sports fans mixing and matching services though, saying goodbye to Big Cable is becoming so common it’s created a new career: Cord-Cutting Consultant.

5. Links We’re Passing

This week, we got a meme that mixed two of our favorite things YA and Twitter users’ collaborative creativity. @ABoredAuthor starting the hashtag #VeryRealisticYA, and thousands posted their 140 character YA plots as if they were to reflect real life. Our favorite? Child actress Mara Wilson, who starred in Matilda, tweeting “She is a special, gifted child. She grows up full of self-loathing and impossible expectations.” You also shouldn’t miss Disney’s announcement that they’re eyeing a live-action retelling of Mulan. Some are saying the legend is the perfect choice to add to Disney’s princess IRL lineup, and the internet is already dreaming up the ideal cast.