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A Very Boozy Summer: The Friday Don’t Miss List

Busy week? It’s time to catch up! Here’s your list of the most newsworthy Millennial marketing and tech news of the week:

1. Boozing Their Feed

Food brands are finding ways to combine food and social media and feeding users feeds in new and smart ways, so don’t miss how spirits are playing in the space. Jack Daniel’s Tenessee Honey second Summer Swarm campaign is relying more heavily on social this year, giving users weekly photo challenges that ask for submissions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that showcase summer fun in difference ways. Prizes for winning photos include concert tickets and a trip to Lolapalooza, and visitors to the Summer Swarm site who vote on pictures can also win weekly prizes.

2. Seriously Sticky Profits

Our roundup of apps that could be the Next Big Thing included Line, a popular chatting app in Japan that is planning to expand globally—so don’t miss that the app is majorly profitable (something that detractors have said Whatsapp might never be). After opening their Line Creators Market, a place for users to buy and sell their own signature stickers—one of the app’s main draws—Line pulled in $1.5 million in one month. Line receives 50% of the proceeds of each of the user-created sticker sales. Could other chatting apps follow in their footsteps?

3. Facebook Pride

We told you about the brands going the distance for Pride Month, creating inclusive campaigns celebrating LGBT, but don’t miss that Pride Month efforts are happening online as well. Facebook has launched a collection of LGBT stickers that were made specifically for Pride Month. The stickers include happy same-sex couples, rainbows, and other LGBT characters. The site has said that they colorful stickers are, “one more way [they] can make Facebook a place where people can express their authentic identity.”

4. Atari is Back to the Future

This week, we got an in-person look at the trends that could shape the future of gaming at E3. Now you won’t want to miss one of the big things to come out of the conference: Atari is gearing for a comeback. The gaming brand is currently associated mainly with nostalgia, since Atari ruled the gaming world in the ‘70s and ‘80s. But their plan for the future is a completely modern model: mobile. New versions of their classic titles will be developed for mobile play, and also include social elements like sharing and even gambling.

5. A Picture is Worth 1000 Pickup Lines

We talk all the time (ok, almost nonstop) about how important visual communication is to Millennials, so don’t miss new dating site Dreamcliq, which does away with text altogether so that users can show, not tell, who they are.  “About Me” profiles and taglines are thrown out the window, “because of visual profiles, there’s always something to talk about.”