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TL;DR Trend Webinar: The End of Foodie Culture (As We Know It)

Millennials have earned their reputation as a generation of foodies. So, what about Gen Z? Many assume that Gen Z is set to be the biggest foodies of them all…after all, they are known to post their lives on social media and try new things, right? But while Gen Z loves to post and is always looking for an adventure, their view of food is much different than their older counterparts, and it could be ending foodie culture (as we know it).

YPulse’s newest research not only digs into what food culture is (or isn’t) to Gen Z but explores Gen Z’s approach to food: what they want, where they are choosing to go out to eat, the food content they actually watch, and how food brands can successfully capture their attention.

Listen to YPulse’s Chief Content Officer, MaryLeigh Bliss, talk through the key findings from our The end of Foodie Culture (As We Know It) trend report, host live Q&A, and share insight into this exclusive researc

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