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Unlock Gen Z + Millennials Across Asia Pacific

The YPulse youth intelligence platform empowers your brand to make smarter decisions about young people in Asia. Our expert-driven data, analysis, and insights powers strategic thinking across marketing, content, human resources, and more.

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We talk to 250,000 13-39-year-olds across China, Korea, Japan, India, and Austrlia annually. We ask them:

What are your favorite brands? Which social media platforms do you use regularly? Where are you shopping? Which social causes matter the most to you? And much, much, much more.

With YPulse you can

Track over 750 brands among Asian youth

From Apple to Zara, know exactly how young Asians feel about global and local brands across 20 youth-centric diagnostics. Learn which brands they think are cool, reflect who they are, are authentic, and more. 

Stay ahead of the latest trends sweeping Asia

Every month, take a deeper dive into the biggest cultural shifts occuring today—with the data to back them up. Be informed by the insights and statistics, inspired by the examples, and guided by takeaways for you.

Find out why they do the things they do​

Weekly behavioral reports inform you on everything you need to know about young consumers, from what they’re buying and watching to their views on marketing, tech, and more. These quick-read reports synthesize hand-picked, illuminating data points from our surveys and give you actionable takeaways on how to reach Gen Z and Millennials today.

Stay up to date on the latest Gen Z and Millennial news

Not only do you need to know what’s happening, you need to know why it’s happening, and how to leverage it. Drawing from our exclusive research on Gen Z and Millennials, our experts figure out what it all means for you, explain the “why” behind the “what,” and help you stay inspired with daily insights on youth.