Social Media Behavior Report

Feb 10 2021

Quarantined young consumers are using social media more than ever, and their pandemic-related needs have changed how they use the platforms they are spending so much more time on. This report looks into what Gen Z and Millennials are most likely to use social media for and how their increased usage is affecting their attitudes and engagement on social platforms. This report also dives into how these shifts have affected brands on social media and what strategies brands can use in the new social media marketing landscape.

Download the full report for insights on: 

  • Why Gen Z and Millennials are logging onto social media platforms
  • How brands are losing follows on social media and what they can do to stay on feeds
  • Why the social media marketplace is imperative for reaching young parents

Report length: 9 pages

Based on a survey of 1000 13-39-year-olds in the U.S., fielded in January 2021

Additional survey content for Pro users: How much time spent on social media daily, subjects posted about on social media, social media platform descriptions, types of information consumed on social media, what they’re doing more of on social media since the Coronavirus crisis. 

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