Music Report

Vital insights into Gen Z and Millennials' behavior, plans, and views—with major takeaways for brands.

The pandemic and its mandated lockdowns have significantly shifted young consumers’ media consumption—music included. Music marketing was already transforming pre-COVID and now that the virus has been “wreaking havoc” on the industry and shifting young consumers’ music listening habits, the transformation has been pushed forward.

This report dives into the impacts COVID-19 has had to young people’s music consumption, including how they are discovering music, and whether virtual music events will outlast this pandemic.

Download the full report for insights on:

  • How COVID has changed young people’ listening habits, and how they listen
  • Where Gen Z and Millennials are discovering new music
  • How social platforms are changing music marketing
  • Young consumers’ current attitudes towards concerts and festivals, and digital events


Report length: 12 pages

Based on a survey of 1000 13-39-year-olds in the U.S., fielded September 2020

 Additional survey content for Pro users: favorite music celebrity ranking, how many play instruments/make music, genres of music listened to, favorite streaming platform, the role of music in young peoples’ lives


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