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TikTok is funding its first musical, For You Paige.

Apr 08 2022

TikTok is funding its first musical, For You Paige. We told you how musical theater has been making a splash on TikTok thanks to original, user-created musicals like The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical (which just won a Grammy), Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical, and more recently, a Disney-style musical about a Korean princess. Building on musical theater’s success on the platform, TikTok announced it’s funding its first-ever musical dubbed For You Paige (ha, get it?). The event will livestream on the @TikTok account on Thursday, April 14th, and perform live at a NYC theater. Daniel Mertzlufft, the creative force behind Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical is leading For You Paige, which follows a teen music nerd and his friend, Paige, as they create a TikTok song inspired by Paige’s favorite book series. Multiple TikTok creators are featured in the musical, including an original song by Julia Riew (the creator of the Disney musical about a Korean princess). And of course, since the musical is largely inspired by real TikTok creators, multiple references to TikTok trends and subcultures will be noted throughout the performance. YPulse’s Pop Culture Redefined trend research shows a viral social media video is the top pop culture moment Gen Z and Millennials say their generations care about. Considering the Ratatouille– and Bridgerton-inspired musicals became viral sensations and built a large fan base as soon as they hit the platform, TikTok’s For You Paige is the logical next step to amplify the trend for young users. (Variety)