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Less than 10% of Gen Z say they feel seen by marketers, according to new research.

Mar 03 2022

Less than 10% of Gen Z say they feel seen by marketers, according to new research. According to a report from Adolescent Content that consulted 400 Gen Z respondents, only 8% say they think brands actually understand them and 78% are skeptical of brands’ commitments to social issues like equity, diversity, and sustainability. This generation is highly attuned to whether brands are authentic in the issues they support or just doing so to make money and appear socially “good” on the outside. Eighty-two percent of Gen Z research a brand before making a purchase, and while they believe brands can come back from past mistakes, they want companies to own up to it. Affordability, ethical business practices, and shared values are vital when it comes to Gen Z purchase behavior, on top of sustainability and inclusivity. As brands work to understand this unique generation, it’s important to remember that Gen Z can see through performative activism, and brands that weave authentic representation into their core will be on track to connect with them for years to come. (Adweek)