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“Joyful fashion,” “pearlcore,” and “grandpacore,” represent some of 2022’s emerging fashion trends.

Jan 25 2022

“Joyful fashion,” “pearlcore,” and “grandpacore,” represent some of 2022’s emerging fashion trends. From cottagecore, to goblincore, and even dreamcore, we’ve seen a range of aesthetics rush through the trend cycle during the pandemic. When it comes to fashion aesthetics, we’ve told you how “dopamine dressing” and “dystopiacore” are rising as young people experiment with bold fashion and use their style to symbolize the post-apocalyptic times we’re living in. According to a report from Trendalytics, another rising theme in women’s fashion that we’ll see more of this year include a “less is more” approach, with “shortened hems, cut outs, and sheer fabrics” defining the concept, along with micro-miniskirts, lace turtlenecks, cutout mini-dresses, lace-up tops, and sequin tops (think Euphoria High fashion). “Joyful fashion” is also popular, with searches for tulle midi-skirts up 158%, sequin trousers up 147%, and feather trim dresses up 138%. Bridgerton-inspired looks are expected to surge even more once season two premieres in March, but in the meantime, searches for jacquard mini-dresses are up 39%, and corset tops and brocade coats are also seeing steady growth. A redefined “girl power” look is emerging, as defined by wide-leg trousers, oversized blouses, and knits. And to add to the “core” trend, “pearlcore” (cottagecore meets regencycore) has fueled a spike in searches for pearl-beaded everything. As for men’s fashion, “grandpacore” is the new normcore, with searches for oversized cardigans up 173%, grandpa sweaters up 157%, and relaxed jeans up 5%. YPulse’s The In-Between trend research found that 44% of Gen Z females and 33% of Gen Z males say their style changed during the pandemic. (Sourcing Journal)