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“Dystopia-core” is helping young people usher in a new era of the emo punk revival.

Jan 18 2022

“Dystopia-core” is helping young people usher in a new era of the emo punk revival. YPulse told you how young people are embracing dopamine dressing and maximalist fashion as they find new ways to express themselves after more than a year of living in loungewear. Well, on the other side of this vibrant trend lies “Dystopia-core,” a new take on pandemic-era grunge that takes inspiration from dark cinematic fantasies like the recent Dune and The Matrix Resurrections films. Long leather jackets, cargo pants, and black everything are some of the items that define the trend, and several “dystopia-core” looks can be found on TikTok under #AvantApocalypse. One fashion professor says the look is “a reaction to the current post-apocalyptic atmosphere,” explaining that living through world crises has made young people embrace fashion that is both utilitarian and “symbolic of the shield we’ve been creating around us.” Our research shows that fashionable clothes for going out, brightly colored looks, and more toned-down minimalist fashion are some of the fashion trends Gen Z and Millennials are interested in—signaling that both “dystopia-core” and “dopamine dressing” can coexist as young people continue using fashion to reflect the times. (The Guardian)