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JNCO jeans are finding a new home with young, thrifty shoppers.

Dec 22 2021

JNCO jeans are finding a new home with young, thrifty shoppers. Thanks to thrift stores and resale sites like Depop, young shoppers are snatching up the wide-legged, street-sweeping jeans as they continue bringing back the ‘00s. According to Depop, searches for JNCOs experienced a 30% increase between spring 2021 and now, while searches for “wide leg” jeans saw a 35% increase on the site. Vintage JNCOs at some NYC stores are being resold for around $250, and retailers like Urban Outfitters and Selfridges in London have been picking the denim up in recent years to speak to today’s ‘90s and ‘00s trends (meanwhile, Goldfish collaborated with the baggy jean brand as it leaned into ‘90s nostalgia for the launch of its limited-edition Jalapeño Popper flavor). Lizzy de Bruin, a strategic inventory lead at Depop, explains the interest in wide leg jeans started brewing earlier this year: “As we emerged from the pandemic earlier in the year, we saw more users going for a relaxed, baggy look.” And if you remember the skinny jean versus looser fit jeans debate (a.k.a. when Gen Z broke every Millennial’s heart), it’s no surprise that young shoppers are eyeing JNCO jeans as they continue experimenting with fashion and ushering in new trends. (WSJ)