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TikTok is turning out to be a “sunny place” for brands and retailers to advertise.

Dec 22 2021

TikTok is turning out to be a “sunny place” for brands and retailers to advertise. Thanks to the app’s ability to consistently serve relevant (not to mention entertaining) content to its one billion users, more brands and retailers dedicated ad spend to the app in 2021, with many going to the platform for their holiday campaigns, too. According to reports, 18-24-year-olds on TikTok watch an average of more than 233 clips per day and spend 14% more time on the app than users 25-years-old and older (YPulse research shows TikTok is definitely leading with Gen Z compared to Millennials). Ulta Beauty is one retailer that has increased its TikTok spending, and the retailer’s senior director of media and content strategy notes the app is “about a mind-set more than anything…[people] are looking to connect, they’re looking to laugh, they’re looking to find feel-good stories, and they’re looking, inadvertently, to shop, whether they know it consciously or not.” The beauty retailer has tapped content creators for TikTok challenges asking users what their favorite skincare products are, and Clinique’s Black Honey lipstick and NYX’s Shine Loud liquid lipstick are just two products that have helped boost sales at the retailer thanks to #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt. Speaking of which, brands have started putting their own spin on the trending tag for sponsored giveaways with #TikTokMadeMeGiftIt. The fact is, young people are flocking to TikTok for entertaining, happy content, and the platform has become a “sunny place” to advertise because it encourages self-expression from its users, and isn’t highly curated compared to other platforms, explains Craig Brommers, CMO at American Eagle Outfitters. (NYT)