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A Millennial NFT investor is making money moves inside “Polka City”’s metaverse.

Dec 22 2021

A Millennial NFT investor is making money moves inside Polka City’s metaverse. Known as the “Grand Theft Auto of Cryptocurrency,” Polka City is a metaverse gaming platform where players can buy non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that represent real world items, like virtual taxis, gas stations, billboards, and motorcycles. Players earn weekly interest that is paid in the form of polkacity coins (POLC), and users can own and trade digital assets. Robert Doyle, a 37-year-old Polka City player, is already making money out of the platform’s digital assets, and has accumulated 111,646 polkacity coins that have gained nearly 500% in price in the past 12 months—worth $97, 344.15. Most of this gain is thanks to Doyle’s virtual car repair shop, and once the game launches to the greater public, Doyle will receive money from people using his car repair shop while gaining 25% of POLC loan fees from his virtual bank. While Doyle’s NFTs weren’t cheap to start with (the car repair shop cost him $23,000 and the bank cost $3,500), Doyle notes, “these [assets] are really for the end-game. So this will pay off for years to come…I can pay for my mortgage, my medical, my car payments, my food for my family with just this one NFT—isn’t that crazy?” Owning NFTs inside Polka City certainly comes with risks and people need to know what they’re getting into before starting, Doyle adds. (Markets Insider)