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How Memes Made White Claw The Drink Of The Summer: On The Viral List

White Claw wins over young consumers, a deceptively simple math problem sparks debate,  two YouTubers married for “content,” and more news you can’t miss this week…

1. Why It’s A White Claw Summer For 21+ Millennials

It’s a White Claw Summer, baby! That’s the mantra for many Millennials, thanks to a viral YouTube video-turned-Twitter phenomenon. While the popularity of sparkling water set the stage for the sudden surge in popularity of a drink that hit shelves in 2016 (as @sarahndipity18 put it, “La Croix walked so that White Claw could run”), social media is what catapulted the low-alcohol can (another reason moderate-drinking Millennials love them) to cult status. Eater traces the origins of countless Claw memes and tweets to a video from Trevor Wallace called “*Drinks White Claw Once*” in which Wallace transforms into a pastel-wearing bro upon his first sip. The quotable video (“Ain’t no laws when you’re drinking claws!”) has over 20 million views on Facebook, five million on Twitter, and 1.7 million on YouTube.

2. A Viral Math Problem Is The New Blue Dress-White Dress Debate

A math problem has gone viral. Yes, a math problem. Here it is: 8÷2(2+2). Seems simple, right? Wrong. A Twitter post of the problem on a chalkboard in a classroom in Naruto (an anime show that’s sneaking into a lot of viral content these days) has over 15.4k comments as users rack their brains to solve it—and debate with one another.  Depending on how you interpret PEMDAS (remember that?), the answer could be 16 or 1. But math only has one answer, right? Wrong again. BuzzFeed consulted a Physics professor to get to the bottom of it—but his answer isn’t making anyone happy and is giving us flashbacks to the good ol’ blue dress-white dress debate of 2015. Both answers are correct, and a savvier teacher might rewrite the equation as “8/(2*(2+2))” if they want the answer to be clear.


3. Two of YouTube’s Biggest Celebrities Got Married For “Content”

Gen Z & Millennials have grown increasingly accustomed to questioning the reality of their favorite influencers’ likes-fueled lives and were skeptical of Tana Mongeau’s and Jake Paul’s relationship from the start. The couple, who have 4.8 and 19.5 million YouTube subscribers, respectively, have only been dating since April. Earlier this week, BuzzFeed News reports that they had a surprisingly low-budget wedding—and that the bride and groom left separately. However, 66,000 people still tuned in for the livestreamed event—which cost anywhere from $50 to $75 to stream and which was, according to Twitter, late, boring, and glitchy. (PS: This isn’t Mongeau’s first time allegedly scamming her fans.) Now, Cosmopolitan reports that an MTV clip of Mongeau’s upcoming reality show has over 1.8 million views. In it, Mongeau calls the wedding “something fun and light-hearted that we’re obviously doing for fun and for content.”—and the internet is outraged, per BuzzFeed News.

4. French’s and Oscar Meyer’s Mustard and Hot Dog Flavored Ice Cream Irk The Internet

French’s is launching a mustard-flavored ice cream to celebrate National Mustard Day, and fans can get it at a Coolhaus ice cream truck that will make three New York stops, per USA Today. (Didn’t they learn anything from Hellmann’s mayonnaise ice cream?) Three separate Instagram announcement videos consecutively accumulated about double the views of the one preceding it. Of course, brand Twitter being what it is these days, Mashable reports that Oscar Mayer had to join in on the fun with a tweet about hot dog ice cream—encouraging fans to create a savory ice cream sandwich by combining both of the brands’ offerings. Oscar Mayer even asked whether or not anyone would eat it…74% of the over 4,000 voters voted in the negative. Many are also posting memes of their own to voice their opinion on the click-bait concoction.

5. Links to Pass:

Mariah Carey’s 2009 hit “Obsessed” is getting a second life on TikTok, Iggy Azalea’s $64 grilled cheese is melting minds, a Savage x Fenty model lied about being trans, a Game of Thrones detail has fans rethinking the ending, and nostalgic Twitter users are reminiscing with #ImOldEnoughToRememberWhen.