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A Holiday Gift for the Selfie Generation: The Friday Don’t Miss List

A gift made for the selfie generation, Lowe’s plans to live-stream their Black Friday deals, the new Barbie has no thigh-gap, and more stories we’re passing along to you!

1. A Holiday Gift for The Selfie Generation

This holiday season, young consumers are creating a frenzy around three very different, highly in-demand products, and we have another holiday gift that might make the selfie-generation smile. Don’t miss that the Kardashian-endorsed iPhone case that promises the best Instagram selfies just got an upgrade. LuMee, created by a professional photographer, is a case surrounded by tiny white lights, and they just released a slimmer, brighter version. With our research showing that 54% of 13-17-year-olds are taking selfies weekly, it could be a gift they’ll actually want—though if you really want to make them happy, give money.

2. Lowe’s Will Live-Stream Black Friday Deals

This week, we asked if Black Friday mania is ending for young consumers, and our recent monthly survey revealed that 74% of 18-33-year-olds believe they can get a great deal any time of year without having to wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Don’t miss Lowe’s plans to bring these tricky consumers in for the shopping holidays. Ditching the traditional Thanksgiving Day circulars strategy, the brand will instead live stream promotions on Facebook Live in a broadcast featuring HGTV’s Property Brothers revealing deals through interactive games. A teaser Facebook promo featuring the brothers has attracted an audience of 1.4 million so far.

3. The Barbie With No Thigh Gap

Barbie has been undergoing a body positive makeover this year, with more diverse body types, new skin tones, and hair textures. Now don’t miss their latest collaboration with plus-size model and body positive advocate Ashley Graham to create a doll that looks just like her. The doll was unveiled by the model at Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards this week, where Graham remarked on how important it was that doll not have a thigh gap: “[it’s] one way to show young girls that it’s OK for your thighs to touch, despite society saying that a ‘thigh gap’ is more beautiful.” In our trend The Body Positive,  we revealed that 78% of 13-33-year-old females support the movement for body acceptance.

4. Racked Makes Facebook Their New Home 

This week, we revealed that social media feeds are the top source for fashion news and trends for Millennial females. Don’t miss fashion and shopping site Racked’s recent decision to shift focus from their homepage to their Facebook channel. According to their editor-in-chief, pushing content to where their audience consumes news is less about drawing people to their main site and more about sharing shoppable articles and video. They’re also reaching out on a more personal level with a ‘chatty and friendly’ newsletter, allowing readers to take in content on their own time. 

5. Links We’re Passing

Millennials are hating on ‘chip’ credit cards. Over a year ago, banks began to issue cards with EMV chips to prevent fraud, and according to a recent survey by NerdWallet and Harris Poll, 78% of Americans see the change in a positive light. But almost one-third of Millennials don’t agree and are having negative feeling towards chip cards. Longer transaction times and confusion over when to use the chip were cited as the main reasons for the hate, showcasing how important convenience is to young consumers. 

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