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Q3 2015 YPulse Trend Report: Unique is the New Cool, The Body Positive, Talk the Talk

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Not so long ago, young consumers wanted nothing more than to fit in. But now, standing out is the goal, and 66% of 13-33-year-olds agree that being the same as everyone else is boring. But it isn’t just about fashion. Celebrities that stand out and show off their distinctiveness are embraced. Their desire to be different is impacting major life milestones like weddings and parenthood, the restaurants they want to eat at, the hotels they want to stay in, and the brands they want to buy. Sameness is so yesterday—unique is the new cool.



The body positivity movement has gained serious momentum with Millennials and teens, who are broadcasting their desire to have all shapes and sizes accepted. Hashtags like #EffYourBeautyStandards and new idols like Tess Holiday have sparked a passionate community of young consumers online—and they’re looking for lasting change. Brands that make missteps with too-skinny models, over-zealous Photoshopping, or perceived fat-shaming are being called out, and are expected to apologize, make amends—and embrace the body positive mentality.




The way that young consumers communicate seems to mystify many. They’re hooked to their phones, and they have more ways of interacting than any generation before them. So how much are they texting, messaging, talking, posting on social media, emailing, and video chatting? We’re did a deep dive into their communication behaviors, and we found out their favorite way of communicating, what they think is dying out, how big a role visuals play in their everyday language, how their habits change with age, and more—including how they want brands to talk to them.

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