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Millennial Women Are Getting Crafty: The Friday Don’t Miss List

Millennial women getting craft (with craft cider), the Wishbone app is wooing brands, Millennials’ childhood sketch show All That is getting rebooted. Don’t miss all that (!) and more news and trends to keep you on top of the latest on young consumers…

1. Millennial Women Are Getting Crafty (With Craft Cider)

Dos Equis is retiring The Most Interesting Man In The World to adjust marketing for the next generation, reporting: “Our Millennial drinker has changed quite dramatically, and the competition has only exploded with the advent of craft (beer).” When we asked 13-33-year-olds what they drink on a typical night out, craft beers came in first with 25% of males naming it as their first choice—but only 11% of women said the same. They are, however, embracing craft ciders. Don’t miss the survey that found nearly one third of craft cider drinkers are Millennial women, and how craft breweries could use cider as “and entry point to craft beer” and appeal to Millennial women with beers that taste like ciders.

2. From the Runway to Millennials’ Closets

Millennials have disrupted the fashion industry with their love of fast fashion and desire for real-time access to the latest trends. Don’t miss how Rent the Runway is introducing a new way “to get women in their 20s who are used to buying disposable fashion to try designer brands.” Their new monthly subscription allows users to rent runway clothing at a deeply discounted price for an unlimited time—keeping Millennials in the latest styles all year long. One digital agency CEO proclaims, “This is almost tantamount to when Netflix went from only renting out DVDs to streaming…It’s streaming a wardrobe.”

3. Wishbone Woos Brands

Wishbone is continuing to gain traction among young consumers, who post hundreds of thousands of pieces of content onto the platform daily. In January, the founder of the polling app told Ypulse, “There’s not very many places where you can post something and get tens to hundreds of thousands of votes on it in a few hours…a lot of brands are starting to use the Wishbone platform to get feedback from teens, which is exciting and fun.” Don’t miss how more brands are getting on board. Taco Bell, Victoria Secret Pink, Ben & Jerry’s, and more have taken on Wishbone’s offer to “promote your products to the cool kids.” Taco Bell has gained 16,000 followers with just 22 wishbone polls that slyly compare their breakfast options to McDonald’s.

4. From Match To Meet-Up

In-person meet-cutes could soon found only in rom-coms. Data shows that (for straight couples) meeting online has surpassed meeting through coworkers, in college, through family or neighbors, or in church. According to Ypulse’s February topline report, 22% of 18-33-year-olds have used a dating app, but digital dating can’t guarantee in-person interaction—many young users use Tinder as entertainment, or get stuck in the digital chatting phase of the flirtation without ever getting to a date. Don’t miss how the new dating app Dine—just featured on Apple’s ‘best new app’—is fixing this flaw by getting users from a match to dinner or drinks as quickly as possible. The platform matches users with a restaurant or bar at the same time they are matched with potential partners so that a meeting place is a part of the conversation from the start.

5. This Reboot’s All That

A recent Ypulse survey found that 61% of 18-33-year-olds agree that they wish they could go back to being a kid again. Marketers have played off their intense nostalgia by bringing back beloved entertainment from the past, ushering in the age of the reboot, The ‘90s TV revival is currently going strong with the return of Boy Meets World, Full House, and The X-Files all recently airing. Don’t miss how Nickelodeon is bringing back another favorite, gathering the original cast of the classic ‘90s kids sketch comedy show All That for a reunion special…or if you want to go even farther into the past, check out Netflix’s new film starring the legendary Pee Wee Herman.