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High Design Big Macs: The Friday Don’t Miss List

This Friday we’re bringing you the most fashionable Big Macs of all time, Millennials spending motivators, a scary good chat campaign, the solution to too much human interaction and more. Trust us, this is not one to miss!


1. High Design Big Macs

McDonald’s may still be Millennials’ most frequented fast food restaurant, but they’re taking hits in sales and marketing attacks from competitors and trying everything they can think of to stay on top. Don’t miss their new marketing move to win back younger consumers: the launch of a new lifestyle line that includes everything from wallpaper to rain jackets to bed sheets adorned with the Big Mac. The high design limited edition line was launched this week in Sweden as a part of their global “I’m Lovin’ It 24” event. While the fashionable burger looks are certainly getting attention, it’s not as clear how the campaign fits in with McDonald’s overall efforts.

2. Scary Good Chat Marketing

Our round up of the buzzed about marketing of the moment included a partnership with a blog that lurks on hot dudes, and a fresh take on celebrity endorsement. But don’t miss a scary good campaign that’s showing how brands are using chat apps to make marketing come to life. Kik users who chose to opt into the promoted chats for Insidious: Chapter 3 can chat with the movie’s main character Quinn, a girl stuck in bed with broken legs and eager for contact with the outside world. Although they’re conversing with a bot, the conversation still seems natural, and gets more intense over the course of two days as Quinn reaches out for help.

3. Free-Range Fears

The growing clash between helicopter and free-range parents wages on, and is bound to influence Millennials who are rising to the ranks of mom and dad. A recent New York Times blog post defending free-range parenting quoted one expert who declared that helicopter parenting increases the chance children will “suffer from anxiety, depression, and various other mental disorders.” That post sparked even more debate, and you shouldn’t miss the input of parents writing in to share their stances, including one dad who says over-protective parents are actually the reason that kidnapping rates have dropped.

4. Surprising Spenders

Now is a crucial time to understand Millennials spending habits, as they begin to outspend Boomers in the next few years. Be sure not to miss out on the important insights we reveal in our Millennial Spending Data Deep Dive, and other insights we uncovered in our Q4 2014 report on the subject, including the fact that Millennials are far more willing to spend money to help the people they love than they are to impress others.

5. Too Much Human

How much human is too much human? Sometimes it seems like all the tech solutions that Millennials prefer are about cutting out human interaction. One viral parody video, “Seamless No Human,” imagines one of their favorite services taken to the extreme by providing “absolutely no chance of human interaction.” The no human Seamless option would guarantee that delivery people run away before being seen, and a Seamless food claw would ensure that food bags could be grabbed with out the risk of encountering another human in the hallway. Sounds like heaven.