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Mind-Melting GIF Storms the Internet: The Friday Don’t Miss List

The don’t miss news, trends, and insights of the week, to keep your finger on the Pulse of all things Millennial:

1. Emma Watson Is Not Sofia Vergara
Our run-down of what’s trending this week gave you the big videos, sites, and memes to know this week, but don’t miss one that didn’t make this list. The mystifying, mesmerizing, and horrifying Emma Watson GIF featured above has captivated the internet, showing up on sites across the web with many saying they couldn’t stop watching it. Luckily, BuzzFeed broke down how it was made so we can all rest easy.
2. The Singing Walker-Slayer
We gave you a list of some of the Millennial female music artists to watch, but don’t miss double-threat Emily Kinney. She plays Beth on The Walking Dead, but is also a recording artist who has released two albums. Her performance of “Masterpiece” with the (adorable) PS22 chorus is gaining attention, and her place in the spotlight on one of TVs biggest shows could boost her music career. If you’re looking to discover even more new artists, music-video-discovery app Rormix (which we told you about in Jan) recently received a major update that allows users to learn even more about the unsigned artists they find. 

3. Tech Is the New Black
Smart clothes might be the real future of wearable tech. So don’t miss the short documentary The Next Blackpremiering May 21st, which examines the implications of technology on the fashion industry and the groundbreaking changes to come. 

4. In The Minds of Millennial Moms 
This week’s Essentials covered the surprising stat that Millennials are more likely than Boomers or Xers to say that one parent should stay home with children. Though some are wondering if this means the generation is more traditional, the stat likely represents their ideal, and Millennials’ desire for balance. Other research suggests that while more mothers are staying home with their children, many are doing so because they can’t find work. But regardless of whether they choose to work or not, Millennial moms are more likely to report that they are happy with their choices than previous generations.  

5. Streaming Sorrows
35% of Millennials are tuning into podcasts, so it shouldn’t be missed that Apple—the company that “basically invented the podcast”—has a real podcast problem. Their own streaming app is a crowd-displeaser, with just 1.5 stars in the App Store. The poor performance is pushing users to alternate listening apps like Downcast and Stitcher.