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TL;DR Trend Webinar: Where is the Metaverse?

Is the metaverse dead? Not so fast. Before you make your eulogy to your online followers, the metaverse hasn’t gone anywhere. While marketers and tech bros might be moving away from their too lofty, futuristic vision of a single virtual reality space to rule them all, a redefinition of the metaverse concept is underway–and the virtual worlds that Gen Z and Millennials already inhabit through sandbox games are as popular as ever.

Listen to YPulse’s Editorial Director, Anto Ficatier, talk through the latest Where is the Metaverse? exclusive trend research, including the current realities of the virtual worlds young people flock to, what they mean to Gen Z and Millennials, how their engagement is only increasing, and how brands can pivot and thrive in their own virtual pathways.

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