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TL;DR Trend Webinar: Mass Merch Mentality

Jul 01 2022

As #WalmartHauls continue to go viral on socials and Walmart, Target, and Amazon continuously rank highest on YPulse’s brand tracker, one thing is clear: young people have a real affinity for their mass merch. This may come as a surprise to older gens… after all aren’t Gen Z and Millennials all about conscious consumption? The reality is, Gen Z and Millennials grew up in the shadow of the Great Recession, which shaped their budget-conscious mentality at a young age. As a result, shopping at mass merch / big box retailers has become their norm. But it isn’t just affordability that’s driving their mass merch habits.

YPulse’s Mass Merch Mentality trend research uncovers how growing up with mass merch has reshaped young people’s’ shopping preferences, how these preferences are changing the rules of retail, and how they view these brands.

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