Millennial Parenting Report

Vital insights into Gen Z and Millennials' behavior, plans, and views—with major takeaways for brands.

It’s been quite a year to be a parent. The number of Millennial parents has been growing, and many still want to have children. Economically, these families could be a boon—and Millennial parents are already boosting up many brands during this time. This generation of parents has been juggling a unique amount of pressure and responsibility during COVID. Brands currently have a major opportunity to reach Millennial parents, who are looking for support and also spending to keep kids entertained. This report explores their new realities, how brands can help, and the silver lining of parenting during a pandemic.

Download the full report for insights on: 

  • How many Millennials are parents, and how many plan to be
  • Millennial parents’ current struggles and challenges
  • How COVID is changing young parents’ priorities and plans
  • How brands can be supporting and attracting Millennial parents now


Report length: 12 pages

Based on a survey of 1000 13-39-year-olds in the U.S., fielded August 2020

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