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Gen Z is continuing the craze for all things Y2K with a new love for flip phones. 

Jan 17 2023

Gen Z is continuing the craze for all things Y2K with a new love for flip phones. We know that this gen has a sense of nostalgia for Y2K that rivals that of the Millennials who remember it, and they’ve shown it through fashion trends, music taste, and their photo filters—just last week we told you how they’re fueling a digital camera comeback, too. Now, a growing subgroup of young people are reportedly buying flip phones (and bedazzling them the old-fashioned way) as more become fed up with social media culture. YPulse data shows 79% of Gen Z say they can’t live without their smartphone and 57% of social media users say they’re addicted to social media, so these flip phone converts are likely trying to break the habit by popularizing old tech. Even Gen Z faves like Camila Cabello and Dove Cameron are down for the flip phone movement, both have posted on social media about unplugging from social media and smart phones altogether. Gen Z consumers are buying these phones, snapping blurry (but aesthetic) pictures with friends, and using them as fun conversation starters at parties. But while the flip phones may be trending among some, YPulse’s Tech / Device Usage report data shows that 5% of Gen Z owns a feature (a.ka. non-smart phone)—and the trend has been circulating on and off for years now. (CNN)