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Fans can now vote on the films they want to be recognized at this year’s Oscars.

Feb 16 2022

Fans can now vote on the films they want to be recognized at this year’s Oscars. YPulse told you how young consumers really feel about award shows (hint: they don’t really watch them live and pay attention to social media to find out what happened). Meanwhile, a lack of representation hasn’t made them eager to watch award shows, either. Now, the Academy Awards is calling on movie fans to send in their votes for their favorite film of 2021 via #OscarsFanFavorite on Twitter. Users can cast their votes now through March 3, by tweeting the title of their favorite film (regardless of if it was nominated or not) and the tag #OscarsFanFavorite. The film that garners the most fan votes will be honored during the awards broadcast, and three lucky Twitter users who cast their votes will win an all-expenses-paid trip to L.A. to present an award at the 2023 Oscars. Though award shows like the Oscars aren’t a top pop culture moment Gen Z and Millennials pay attention to according to YPulse’s Pop Culture Redefined trend research, creating ways for them to have a say in the awards is one way to increase engagement with young people. (VarietyTHR)