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Celebrity chefs are vegan influencers now.

Jan 31 2022

Celebrity chefs are vegan influencers now. From Gordon Ramsay to Guy Fieri, celebrity chefs who have long been known for their flavor-packed, meat-based recipes are now serving up plant-based options to reach a new generation of foodies—ones that are highly interested in plant-based food and conscious of the environment’s impact on the ingredients they consume. Gordon Ramsay notes his inspirations for vegan cooking is from his kids, while Guy Fieri’s sister is vegan and his son follows a plant-based, low-waste pasta lifestyle. Meanwhile, Wolfgang Puck has catered primarily vegan dishes at recent pop culture events like the Screen Actors Guild Awards and The Governor’s Ball, and Silk tapped Ramsay to help launch its oat milk. Aside from celebrity chefs, vegan influencers like Tabitha Brown, Halle Burns, and Carleigh Bodrug have built massive TikTok followings because of their plant-based lifestyles / recipes, inspiring viewers to adopt similar attitudes about their food consumption, too. YPulse’s cooking and diets research shows 64% of Gen Z and 73% of Millennials are interested in or regularly eating / drinking plant-based products. (Livekindly)