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Luxury brands are releasing anime collaborations to reach niche communities of young consumers.

Jan 21 2022

Luxury brands are releasing anime collaborations to reach niche communities of young consumers. YPulse told you about young consumers’ interest in anime, from the surge in Snapchat app downloads to try out its anime lens, to podcasts exploring anime and manga culture, and the Cowboy Bebop subreddit that’s been keeping the series alive for years. Now, releasing anime collaborations is becoming a trend among luxury brands as they go after young people. Last year, Loewe launched a My Neighbor Totoro collection including wallets, handbags, and shirts featuring characters from the film, and the luxury house is currently working on a partnership with Studio Ghibli to bring characters from Spirited Away into the collection. Gucci also released a Doraemon capsule collection that celebrated the 2021 Chinese New Year—more than 50 items in the collection featured the blue robotic cat. And the brand debuted a virtual fashion line on Pokémon GO with The North Face. According to one industry expert, these collections allow luxury brands to experiment with their products and interact with different subcultures of young people, in this case the anime community. As luxury brands continue to shift their marketing to appeal to young people, listening to their niche interests is key. (Marketplace)