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Gen Z is redefining how culture talks about menstruation and periods.

Jan 21 2022

Gen Z is redefining how culture talks about menstruation and periods. As Gen Z ages up, they’re rewriting the rules for how society engages with everything from pop culture, to the concept of work / career, and social justice. Recently, this generation has been destigmatizing periods by making the space more inclusive and comfortable for all young people who menstruate, while Gen Z-led brands have been popping up to help them achieve their mission. The latest Gen Z-led brand taking on the cause is Girls With Big Dreams, which creates reusable, period-safe undergarments for tweens, providing an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable pads and tampons. The brand is set to launch online in February, and was created by Aviana (9-years-old) and Anaya Campello-Palep (8-years-old) and their mother, Sapna Palep, after noticing how periods still evoke “pure embarrassment and fear” for many young people today. The Campello-Palep girls began their period advocacy by researching the conversations happening on #PeriodTok (yes, that’s a thing) and finding ways to make reusable period products (which are far better for the environment than traditional pads / tampons) more accessible to people who can’t afford menstrual cups or other absorbent underwear brands. Still, a lot of work is needed to make sustainability a fundamental aspect of mainstream period products, and this Gen Z-led brand is hoping to change the industry by introducing more eco-friendly products and destigmatizing menstruation altogether. (NYT)