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The “Cowboy Bebop” fanbase on Reddit is keeping the anime series alive nearly 20 years later.

Nov 29 2021

The Cowboy Bebop fanbase on Reddit is keeping the anime series alive nearly 20 years later. YPulse told you how anime has experienced a surge in interest among Gen Z and Millennials in the past year thanks to their love of content from other countries, and Cowboy Bebop is another anime series these gens are forming a community around. Despite wrapping up in 2001, Cowboy Bebop is still going strong thanks to the r/cowboybebop subreddit where fans often communicate about the show through memes, cosplay pics, or fan art. r/cowboybebop has gone through highs and lows since its creation in 2012 (in 2018, the community had around 20,000 members and today it counts 225,000 users), and dedicated fans have helped keep the subreddit alive by redesigning the forum, launching a Discord server, and reviving conversation with new series rewatch discussions. News of the live-action Netflix adaptation starring John Cho certainly sparked interest for the show again, and members hope the adaptation’s premiere on the streaming service will help grow the fandom even more while welcoming new fans to the community. (The Verge)