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Pro sports leagues are evolving to appeal to Gen Z fans.

Jan 14 2022

Pro sports leagues are evolving to appeal to Gen Z fans. YPulse’s Scouting Next Gen Sports Fans trend data shows 67% of Gen Z males and 46% of Gen Z females consider themselves sports fans, but this generation is less engaged with their sports fandom. Now, leagues are amping up their strategy to avoid losing a generation of fans (according to the NFL’s CMO, grabbing their attention by the time they’re 18-years-old is vital). Esports, collaborating with popular TikTok creators / gamers, social media content centered on sports personalities, and introducing accessible viewing options are some of the ways the NFL, MLB, the NBA, and more have been reaching young viewers, along with modifying how games are played to increase engagement (at least for the MLB). The NFL has also been going after parents on Facebook by encouraging them to sign their kiddos up to play flag football for a fun (and safer) introduction to the sport. Our research shows sports fandom actually grew during the pandemic, and as Gen Z continues aging up, sports betting is one way they’ll be engaging, too. (NYT)