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Does Spotify have a Gen Z problem? The music listening platform thinks not.

Dec 27 2021

Does Spotify have a Gen Z problem? The music listening platform thinks not. As TikTok continues taking over young people’s social media consumption (YPulse’s social media research shows TikTok use among Gen Z grew from 35% in January 2020 to 64% in October 2021), platforms have started thinking about how to reach the next gen by mimicking some of TikTok’s features, like creating their own short-form video tool and recruiting creators to use them. Spotify is listening, and sees TikTok as an opportunity, not just a competition when it comes to reaching the next gen. Fortunately, Spotify already skews young compared to Apple’s and Amazon’s music platforms, and has attracted young podcast listeners by doing deals with social media influencers like Alex Cooper (host of the Call Her Daddy podcast) and Addison Rae. Meanwhile, Spotify’s Blend feature (a shared playlist between friends) is primarily used by Gen Z users while this gen is also the most-engaged audience during Spotify’s annual Wrapped campaign. While executives at Spotify have noted their concern about successfully reaching Gen Z, every platform from YouTube, to Netflix, and Facebook have wondered the same, and Spotify is hopeful that new developments—including a new vertical video format to promote songs and podcasts—will help the music platform engage more deeply with the next gen. YPulse’s music data shows 50% of Gen Z and 45% of Millennials say they regularly listen to music on Spotify. (Bloomberg)