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TikTok is opening ghost kitchens to serve up viral dishes TikTokers know and love all too well.

Dec 21 2021

TikTok is opening ghost kitchens to serve up viral dishes TikTokers know and love all too well. Featuring a menu full of popular food trends—like pasta chips, corn ribs, smash burgers, and baked feta pasta—TikTok is working with Virtual Dining Concepts (the company behind the MrBeast Burger) to open ghost kitchens across 300 restaurants in the U.S. known as TikTok Kitchen. The concept will roll out in March 2022 at national chain restaurants including Buca di Beppo and Bertucci’s, and consumers can place orders for TikTok Kitchen via Grubhub. Proceeds will go toward supporting the creators who are behind viral food trends, as well as creators who are interested in creating new recipes. As more food trends hit the platform, they’ll be added to the TikTok Kitchen menu. Virtual kitchens took off during the pandemic as delivery became the go-to method for eating out, and partnering with popular creators has not only helped boost restaurant sales, but helped connect with young foodies, too. (Business Insider)