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Gen Z is finding comfort in 2000s-era teen dramas.

Nov 23 2021

Gen Z is finding comfort in 2000s-era teen dramas. The teen drama has always had a special place in Gen Z and Millennials’ hearts, and with new shows like Never Have I Ever, Riverdale, and Sex Education, this genre is constantly evolving to capture the realistic(ish) lives of young people. But unlike teen dramas before them, one thing missing from these shows is “people just talking to each other,” according to Sarah, a 20-year-old One Tree Hill super fan. Sarah explains how the lack of social media and smartphones in shows like One Tree Hill is as equally appealing as it is comforting. Eighteen years later, One Tree Hill is still wildly popular among young people thanks to OTH fan accounts on social media creating memes and edits related to the show. Young people are vicariously living through the show’s characters as they find comfort in relating to their experiences, signaling that Y2K isn’t just a fashion trend, it’s appealing in many ways for these gens as they embrace the simplicity of the 2000s from flip phones, to wired headphones, and more. (Mashable)