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Millennial parents are fuelling the luxury kids market.

Oct 14 2021

Millennial parents are fuelling the luxury kids market. Online retailer FARFETCH reports that social media “looms large in the lives of” Millennial parents, sparking trends like Mini-Me clothing, Kidfluencers, and kids’ streetwear. “Sharenting” has had an impact, with 53% of FARFETCH customers saying they regularly share content on social media that features their children. YPulse weighed in on the issue for FARFETCH, sharing that our parenting research reveals 13% of Millennial moms have started a social media account dedicated to their kids, and we recently wrote about some of the ways that social media is shaping Millennial parents’ behavior and trends. FARFETCH also found that COVID sparked some trends in kidswear purchasing, with outerwear sales and babywear sales both doubling between 2019 and 2020, and cottagecore items trending on their site. (Showing Millennial parents are just as susceptible to trending social media aesthetics as any group.) (FARFETCH)