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Booze-free beverage brands are leading a “Sober October” wave.

Oct 13 2021

Booze-free beverage brands are leading a “Sober October” wave. Dry January has been gaining steam the past few years as alcohol consumers use the month to “reset” their body and mind following the holidays—and to cut back on alcohol consumption in general. Now, beverage brands (particularly zero-proof drink brands) are amping up their marketing and discounts for Sober October while building awareness for the growing drink sector (Statista projects that the booze-free beverage market will hit $280 million in revenue in 2021 while growing by approximately 7.1% annually). Blake Lively recently launched Betty Buzz, a line of alcohol-free mixers that can be enjoyed with or without booze; Ritual is entering a deal with Whole Foods that will bring its spirit-less gin, tequila, and whiskey to retail shelves for the first time; and Soft Spirits, a non alcoholic brick-and-mortar front, is opening in L.A. where it will sell buzzy mocktail brands like Optimist, Aplos, Tost, Ghia, and Spiritless. YPulse’s research found that a sobriety shift was happening among Millennial drinkers pre-pandemic, and although COVID-19 put that trend on pause, moderation has since picked up again. (Adweek)