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“Squid Game”’s effect on the fashion industry is a lesson on how K-Dramas are impacting culture.

Oct 12 2021

Squid Game’s effect on the fashion industry is a lesson on how K-Dramas are impacting culture. YPulse’s Borderless Culture trend report explores young consumers’ interest in content from other countries, and K-Pop and K-Dramas are two of the top global media types consumed by Gen Z and Millennials in the U.S. So, when Squid Game hit Netflix, it wasn’t a (total) surprise to us that consumers quickly generated buzz for the show on social media. After all, the show’s suspenseful (and frighteningly realistic) storyline, mesmerizing celebrities and Korean influencers (hi, Ho Yeon Jung), and of course, Squid Game’s memeable moments are just a few elements that have turned the show from just another Netflix series to a global, hit sensation. Since launching, Ho Yeon Jung’s Instagram followers have spiked from 40,000 to 15 million while becoming Louis Vuitton’s maison ambassador, pop-ups hosting (non-deadly) versions of the show’s games have opened in Paris and Seoul, and sales for white slip-on Vans have surged by 7,800%—not to mention all the Squid Game-inspired Halloween costumes being created. Area52, a Gen Z-focused CBD brand, conducted research analyzing the power of Squid Game’s influencers with Influencer Marketing Hub and found that the lead actors earn anywhere from £1,500-£31,500 per Instagram post (Jung is currently the highest earner), and Kayla Marci, a retail analyst at Edited notes the show could be the next big thing for brands looking for the latest trends. While Netflix’s BridgertonEmily in Paris, and The Queen’s Gambit have also sparked viral trends/productsSquid Game’s effect is proving to outpace previous shows’ viral success. (Vogue BusinessNME)