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Makeup and skincare collabs are helping beauty brands tap young fandoms. 

Sep 08 2021

Makeup and skincare collabs are helping beauty brands tap young fandoms. From Megan Thee Stallion’s “Hot Girl Sunset” collection with Revlon, to HipDot’s Clueless-inspired makeup, and ColourPop’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons palettes, marketing via makeup has become a boon for brands when it comes to reaching young fan groups. While fan merch used to be just logos on t-shirts, Co-Founder and CEO of Pietra (a platform that helps celebrities and influencers develop their own product lines) notes, “traditional merch” has evolved to “full products and brands,” and the collab-focused models of beauty startups like Morphe, HipDot, ColourPop, and Revolution are helping drive brands’ sales while standing out among competition. HipDot has increased the number of collabs it does each year due to their rising popularity, and involves fans in product artwork and social media content to ensure authenticity across its products. NYX Professional Makeup recently launched a Sex Education-inspired makeup line, explaining, “partnering with a TV show, we are able to build off of the storyline to develop products that fit the themes and characters of a series, and there’s also a devoted fan following that comes along with that.” YPulse’s Clicking on Community trend research found that 35% of 13-34-year-olds are part of a fandom, and aligning with celebrities, influencers, and trends that young people are interested in is a top way to authentically connect with them. (Digiday)