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Starbucks’ Holiday Cups Are Critic-Proof & Consumer-Created: The Friday Don’t Miss List

Starbucks new holiday cups are critic-proof, a first-hand account on what it was like to buy a pair of Spectacles, Instagram Stories gets a brand-friendly upgrade, and more links to get you up to speed: 

1. Starbucks Goes Critic-Proof for This Year’s Holiday Cups

Packaging has the potential to become a spotlight stealer, and that is clearly evident in the social fervor that Starbucks’ annual holiday cups can spark among consumers. Last year’s minimalist designs actually sparked fury among some, who argued the lack of design was part of the supposed war on Christmas. Don’t miss this year’s “critic-proof” cups, decorated with 13 festive designs created by a diverse group of women. The designs, found through Instagram, were actually drawings the consumers’ made on last year’s highly-criticized cups, which were meant to be “blank canvases” for personalization. A commercial teasing the cups is all about last years’ controversy.

2. What It Was Like to Buy Snapchat’s Highly Anticipated Spectacles 

This week, a Snapbot vending machine landed on Venice Beach’s boardwalk, kicking off Snapchat’s out-of-the-box initiative of selling their Spectacles in various locations for one day only. Don’t miss one writer’s first-hand account of buying the video glasses in what he described as a “brilliant guerrilla-marketing rollout.” Tipped off by text messages from New York friends, Servideo arrived early morning to a line that grew at least 10x longer after he purchased his pair. According to him, “everyone [was] snapping, tweeting and Facebook Live-ing the event.” 

3. Instagram Stories Gets Linkable

Creativity is key for brands looking to connect with the ad-skipping generation on social media, and that may mean using platforms’ features in new, innovative ways. Don’t miss the new features recently added to Instagram Stories to make content feel ‘livelier’ and give brands the ability to create a more “seamless, linear narrative experience.” Verified accounts can now insert links to individual Instagram Stories with a “see more” caption for viewers to tap or swipe to go to an in-app browser. The update also includes allowing all users to add mentions and Boomerangs into Stories.

4. Millennial Women Are Following Their Passions

While young adults might be known for their gender-blurring tendencies, there are of course major differences between Millennial men and women. One being that Millennial women are more likely to prioritize passion in the career: Seven in ten 18-33-year-old females would choose a career where they are very passionate about the work, but where they do not earn a lot of money, compared to 54% of males. Don’t miss how that passion is inspiring women to ditch the corporate world for entrepreneurship. A new study from consulting firm REAL found that 90% of Millennial female entrepreneurs left jobs in the corporate world to start their own business. When asked why, 43% of respondents say it was because they weren’t following their passion.

5. Pets Are in for A Great Holiday Season

Millennials are truly embracing pet ownership, so much so that they have been accused of choosing pets over kids. Don’t miss how millions of young consumers are making sure to add their “furry companions on their holiday shopping list” this year. According to PwC’s 2016 Holiday Outlook, Millennials will spend an average of $81 on their pets this upcoming season, followed by Gen X at $79, families with children at $71, and singles at $70. When we asked Millennials who they bought presents for last holiday season, 23% of 18-33-year-olds told us they purchased a gift for their pet. 

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