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The Magic School Bus Comes To Life: The Friday Don’t Miss List

A (magic) school bus that takes students on a ride through Mars, how Netflix is bringing the back video stores they killed, the lipstick with a waitlist 10,000 people deep, and more links you can talk about at your barbecues this long weekend!    

1. Ride on the Magic School Bus

The next generation could be the first to truly embrace VR, as the technology is transforming the way they learn and more. Research suggests that younger consumers are more excited about the virtual reality than the older generations, and VR projects and products designed for the pre-teen set are being launched at a quick pace. Don’t miss another that‘s taking kids from their seats in class to the surface of Mars and making The Magic School Bus a reality. The Mars Experience Bus puts students in a real yellow school bus and “drives” them through 200 square miles of Mars, with their surroundings projected on the windows so it feels as though they are really there. Definitely more fun than sitting in class, and the closest thing you can get to riding around with Ms. Frizzle and company. 

2. Netflix Brings Back Video Stores…Virtually

Speaking of virtual reality, we spoke to Framestore’s VR Studio this week on how they’re leading brands through the new technology. They advise brands to “be bold, be experimental,” and say VR experiences “need to be interactive…you want the world to respond to your presence in some way.” Don’t miss how Netflix may be following that advice and using VR to recreate the feeling of being inside the long lost video store. During the company’s annual “hack day,” one concept redesigned the movie browsing process into a virtual reality video store where users can pick up titles and play them by “throwing them at the wall.”

3. The Lipstick With a Waitlist

For young consumers today, innovation trumps loyalty, and that is especially true for the beauty industry. We included Glossier in our roundup of innovative beauty startups for having a “two-way conversation” between their product team and user community, and creating their new cleanser by asking their cult-like following, “What’s your dream face wash?” Don’t miss how their co-created product line has resulted in favorable reviews, beauty awards, and huge waitlists. Founder Emily Weiss says her her biggest frustration has been keeping up with demand, and two Glossier products—the Boy Brow gel and Generation G lipstick—have 10,000 people waiting for a restock.

4. No More Cheating By Streaming

A recent survey by TV tech firm Roku has revealed that 50% of streaming service users say they would give up caffeine over streaming, and a surprising 70% claim they would give up social media. Millennials are especially streaming-crazed: 59% of 18-34-year-olds say they’ve told others they were doing something else when they were actually streaming. Don’t miss a new product from U.K. ice cream brand Cornetto that will put an end to the streaming lies—at least to a significant other. Their Commitment Rings are for couples who will be locked into “a faithful TV-viewing relationship.” The rings are connected to streaming apps and use “near field communications to block access to TV shows you both watch unless your partner is nearby.”

5. Five More Can’t Miss Apps

There’s a lot to keep up with in the world of apps. We’ve recently covered four social-powered platforms to keep an eye on, including a messenger app that lets users connect through avatars, and a controversial meet-up app inspired by “the experience of living in their freshman-year dorms.” Don’t miss Mashable’s list of five more “can’t miss” apps for this week, including Madhat, which allows users to doodle on photos, turn them into animations, and share them across social networks or with friends. Get your doodle on!