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Exploding Kittens Now A Top App: The Friday Don’t Miss List

The kittens everyone’s downloading, Bud Light’s Super Bowl spot leaving “bro-y hedonism” behind, the future of getting food, links we’re passing and more you should know before the snow hits and the weekend begins. Enjoy your Friday Don’t Miss List!

1. Exploding Kittens Top the Charts

The most-backed Kickstarter in history is now an app topping the download list. Exploding Kittens, one of our Kickstarted Kids’ Games examples last year, smashed previous fundraising records, closing with over $8.7 million in pledges from 219,382 backers. Don’t miss the continuation of the kitten’s rise to fame: the release of its very own iOS app. The game, which is about, yes, exploding kittens, has reached the top Paid App slot only a day after its launch.

2. The Future of Getting Food

Millennials are shaping the future of food with startups and products focused on transparency and a return to nature. But don’t miss another vital piece of food’s future, driven by young consumer’s impatience: Food on-demand. Uber’s food delivery app UberEATS is expanding to ten large U.S. cities in March, allowing users to order from over 100 local restaurants. It’s one more step down the path to a future of on-demand ordering.

3. Bud Light Says Bye-Bye Bros

Brands hoping to appeal to Millennial guys are throwing out old ideas of masculinity and trying new tactics that leave machismo in the dust…Don’t miss Bud Light’s Super Bowl spot, which takes a more inclusive, less bro-tastic approach to selling beer. The “Raise One To Right Now” spot stars Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan in an election-inspired scenario. Business Insider says of the campaign: “Bud Light’s revamped sense of humor is less bro-y hedonism (something Lambrecht says died in the financial crisis), and more open-minded, inclusive, and positive — a new style intended to guide the brand in a new direction.” 

4. What Millennials & Teens Have Planned…For When the Robots Come

We asked 1000 13-33-year-olds what the upcoming year holds for them and learned about their resolutions and their hopes for 2016. But don’t miss what they’ll need to plan for in the more distant future: robots taking all their jobs. One study has found that 40 percent of young people globally think a computer program, robot or artificial intelligence system could do their job within a decade. The potential of automated jobs is making young consumers “focus on skills, not careers.”

5. Links We’re Passing

Bone broth, the liquid that results from cooking meat and bones mixed with an acid-like vinegar in scalding hot water for a long period of time, became an in-demand elixir in 2015, thanks in part to some Millennials’ paleo obsessions. Don’t miss an update on the trend: there are bone broth K-cups now